Unmind is the fourth and final component of Qultura methodology. It's the magical component which gives you the basis you use to develop your Qultura method through two magic rituals and also the eight mystical principles which you need to base your Qultura method on.

Soul work

Unmind is the 'way' or 'method' of Qultura methodology and is therefore the practical component of the entire methodology. You develop your own Qultura methods in your own way using both the RAIN method and the two magic rituals, modifying them as you go. The Traumatic Mindsets are there as a reference point for you to use. In order to be able to successfully develop a Qultura method you need to be in a social environment outside that of wider society and community, therefore you really need to be a member of the Qultura community.

Conditional to being able to develop a Qultura method successfully is complete and total acceptance of self and other, including all 'stuff' and emotional baggage. Judgment and condemnation never liberates, but oppresses. It is for this reason - enantriodroma advocated by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung - that the Qultura community is defined as an empathy-focussed community.


Traumatic mindsets of Ego

A traumatic mindset is any mindset or way of thinking based on acceptance and a belief in the false illusion of separateness between either Principle and Process, between self and other or between self and environment.

This is based on the erronous, delusional belief that the Ego is real and the true identity of the human individual and results in the creation of trauma, karma and suffering through distorted and false beliefs about one's true nature, about other people and about one's environment and relationships. There are five core traumatic mindsets all arising out of a belief in separateness and Ego.

Lust is a fundamental motivation or desire to either objectify, dehumanize, fetishize, sexualize or abuse yourself, someone else or something else for the purposes of gratification, personal fulfillment, personal gain, personal advantage or personal profit which is achieved non-consensually. Understand is also any desire or motivation to seek or gain control or an advantage over another living being or human for the false illusion of power, authority or control.
Enmity is a fundamental motivation or desire to destroy, harm, abuse, cause damage, create division, create or cause suffering, pain, loss, hardship, separate, maim, injure, or even kill another living being or human, use force against them.
Apathy is a fundamental motivation or desire to separate self from other and reinforce separateness through thinking, communication and action or unthinking, non-communication and inaction so as to avoid connection, disconnect or remain indifferent or passive from other and one's environment on the basis of environmental ignorance.
Mental restlessness (anxiety)
Mental and emotional restlessness is manifest out of separateness and a focus on Ego which results in an inability to focus or achieve discipline of faculty, mindfulness or discipline through cycling fear-based thoughts and emotions between memory and imagination (such as anxiety).
Sceptical doubt
There is thinking, there is feeling, there is even breathing, communication and interaction but the mind is well and truly closed and fixated on an ideological or philosophical belief which forms the basis for reality. This is the traumatic mindset of the small-minded individual who is attached to separateness, Ego and belief cycles who is unable to perceive or recognize either reality or truth. This can be a transient, temporary mindset just as much as it can be a permanent unchanging mindset.

Important note: Almost all mental health issues arise out of traumatic mindsets so if you have issues with mental health issues you've actually got a head start when it comes to developing your Principle and Process. Instead of fighting your mental health issue you might wish to try working with it and 'cycling' through it to develop your Principle and Process as a means of recovery and healing.


The RAIN method

The RAIN method is how you start to liberate yourself from a traumatic mindset through four simple steps the first letter of each stage makes up R-A-I-N which is a mnemonic device to help you easily remember.

Whenever you find yourself in a traumatic mindset (which will still happen no matter how effective your Qultura method is) or you encounter someone who has a traumatic mindset you simply go through the following four stages to resolve the karma:

The first step is to recognize that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma.
The next step is to accept that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. It happens to the best of us.
The next step is to investigate how come you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. What is triggering it? What is motivating it? What was going on before the traumatic mindset developed? What's the story? What was the action or event (karma) which directly led to the traumatic mindset? Learn to dig deep into yourself or other people to get to the narrative and backstory. Don't give up until you have what you believe to be the truth.
Non-identify (non-attachment)
Liberation from a traumatic mindset and resolution of karma comes from non-identifying and non-attachment to belief attachments, ideologies, outcomes, images, point scoring, and moral reasoning. You are not a physical object or being, you are not your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, or your actions. You are your conscious Principle. You are here to experience the universe, this planet, life, and to be happy.

This is how you can create a narrative or story out of any traumatic experience or experience involving a traumatic mindset. RAIN methodology is a major part of first witnessing and you can also help or guide someone else to apply this simple RAIN method through primary social interaction.

Magic rituals


Here is where you find the two magic rituals for developing consciousness and truth through Unmind.

Both rituals follow the same four steps as you find in the Creative Cycle of the Creative Law meme, which means that for each ritual you need all four components of the ritual:

  • intention
  • method
  • content (spell)
  • delivery

There's the Fire sign ritual which you do through community and the Water sign ritual which you do alone. Select which ritual you need from the options below.

chess pieces

The Fire sign ritual

You develop a Fire sign ritual to gather and harness energy from others in the Qultura community through Primary Social Interaction so as to do your soul work through the Water sign ritual. You can also develop the same ritual in any social environment.

The Fire sign ritual is based on the mystical principles of the three Fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), which gives you the following ritual:

Intention (Aries) - 1, the mystical principle of unity through consciousness
The mystical principle is symbolized by the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, a cardinal Fire sign, associated with Mars, the planet of action, and in the Tarot by The Magician in the Major Arcana. Therefore your intention needs to be to connect to other people in some way in the community through consciousness - which means either creativity, or empathy, or both.
Method (Leo) - 5, the mystical principle of creativity, drama, and authority
The mystical principle of Five is symbolized by the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo which is a fixed Fire sign, and also in the Tarot by the Hierophant in the Major Arcana. You need to be connecting to others in the community doing things you really enjoy and love doing, things that you're good at and what other people appreciate you doing for them.
Content (Sagittarius) - 9, the mystical principle of truth
The mystical principle of Nine is symbolized by the ninth sign of the zodiac Sagittarius which is a mutable Fire sign. You're never going to be able to connect to anyone unless they trust you, because trust is the foundation of a connection together with empathy. Therefore whatever connection you seek with others needs to be based on you sharing your individual truth and narratives or stories through which you share your individual perspective on life.
Delivery - 13, the mystical principle of change
There's no astrological sign which symbolizes 13 of course because there's only 12 signs of the zodiac, which is symbolized in the Tarot by Death from the Major Arcana. You need to come into the community seeking change or a new experience for both yourself and others in the community.
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The Water sign ritual

You develop a Water sign ritual to develop consciousness and create truth on your own to form the basis of a Fire sign ritual which you can do both within the Qultura community or with other people in your life or social environment. This ritual is designed to work against trauma, suffering and struggles.

The Water sign ritual is based on the mystical principles of the three Water signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), which gives you the following ritual:

Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
The mystical principle is symbolized by the fourth sign of the zodiac Cancer, associated with the Moon and also in the Tarot by the Emperor. Please keep in mind that you're digging up past memories of experiences wheer you were traumatized, hurt, suffering, and stuff you feel bad about.
Method (Scorpio) - 8, the mystical principle of meta-physical power
The mystical principle of Eight is symbolized by the 8th sign of the zodiac Scorpio and it associated planet Pluto, as well as in the Tarot by the card Strength. You have complete control over your past because it's just in your head, your memories. This is where you use the RAIN method to let go of your trauma from the past, and also, in so doing your fears and anxieties about the future. The only thing that matters in your life is the here and now and the truth you can share with others in the present moment. What you're seeking here is a narrative, something to share with others.
Content (Pisces) - 12, the mystical principle of karma
The mystical principle of Twelve is symbolized by the twelth sign of the zodiac Pisces which is a mutable Water sign, associated with Neptune, and in the Tarot by The Hanged Man. You're never going to resolve any karma or recover or heal from past trauma unless you accept yourself completely and let go of all attachments to beliefs, fears and desires and completely trust yourself and believe in yourself totally.
Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
Which brings us right back to the beginning of the cycle where the end is also the beginning. There is no need to judge yourself, blame yourself, or hold yourself up to any arbitrary or illusory societal standards. You are who you are, your life is what it is, but it is your past, your story and your individual truth together what makes you the unique and fascinating individual human being who you are today. What you are seeking here is truth, new consciousness, new insight, new perspective.



Zero is the mystical principle of space and non-existence as the fundamental basis of reality.

This is the first principle of Unmind



One is the mystical principle of unity manifest through consciousness and existence which applies to all.

This is the second principle of Unmind



Two is the mystical principle of duality and polarity and the manifestation of physicality through trauma and drama.

This is the third principle of Unmind



Three is the mystical principle of natural growth in all things living and biological evolution.

This is the fourth principle of Unmind



Four is the mystical principle of the Principle and Process as the foundation of individual human experience of life.

This is the fifth principle of Unmind



Five is the mystical principle of drama, creativity and magic and the necessity of contributing something of value to others in the community through cultural development.

This is the sixth principle of Unmind



Six is the mystical principle of the Sun, solar power and the Sacred Masculine Principle, manifest through service to others in the community.

This is the seventh principle of Unmind



Seven is the mystical principle of the Moon, lunar power, and the Sacred Feminine Principle, manifest through the necessity of empathy and connection to both environment and community.

This is the eighth principle of Unmind

Mystical power


Eight is the mystical principle of power and the understanding that, in order to access mystical power you need to give up control and just go with the flow. From this comes the mystical awareness that evil cannot ever be named, nor can it ever be directly confronted, but it can always be subverted.

The Hermit


Nine is the mystical principle of truth and the understanding that you need to walk your own path through life listening to the voice of your Principle and not the angry scornful voices of those around you demanding that you be more like them. Nine is about subversion and a commitment to the outward creative self-expression of individual truth.

Your life is your story and your message to the world. Live it as such.