Community standards

The Qultura community has different community standards to the wider community or society. Our community standards are based on a simple 'traffic light' system.

  • No stigma or bigotry.
  • No commercial activity.
  • No promotion of ideology.
  • No money changes hands between community members.
  • No abusing people or stuff in shared community spaces.
  • We appreciate each community member's participation in our community.
  • We recognize each other's efforts and commitment.
  • We communicate effectively to the best of our abilities, especially when there's a conflict.
  • We don't assume and try harder to understand by asking deeper questions and finding out more.
  • We encourage all subversive activity and outward creative expression of individual truth.
  • We encourage non-conformity and being 'different'.
  • We strongly encourage people to think for themselves, take the initiative, take risks and give chances.
  • We strongly encourage and promote diversity, inclusivity, creativity and empathy.