Privacy statement

This is about our relationship with your data.

Fundamentally, as we have zero commercial interest or interest in your money, or telling you what to think and believe we also have no interest in either obtaining or using your data. Therefore our privacy statement is thus..


As far as we're aware both the Qultura and Qultura Core websites are fully GDPR compliant with no data tracking or cookies and no requirement for your data or personal details. We cannot guarantee that third parties track your data without our knowledge and consent.

Third parties and partnerships

Both the Qultura and Qultura websites are connected to a community message board hosted by Proboards, a generic message board hosting service. When you sign up to our community message board, you supply the same data as you would for any internet based message board or forum. What is submitted on the message board stays on the message board servers.

Form processing and handling

Whenever you use a form on either the Qultura and Qultura Core website all data is handled by third parties Formspree and Google Recaptcha v. 3.0. This ensures secure two way delivery and transfer of data.

Social media

We maintain groups and communities on Facebook, MeWe, Quora, Reddit, a presence on Twitter and groups on Whatsapp. People are welcome to become part of these groups on the understanding that the terms for participation and membership of such groups have different privacy standards and data processing to our standards.

Figure of Eight partnerships

We work with various organizations and local authorities in what we term Figure of Eight partnerships. These partnerships are unofficial. We treat all shared information as strictly confidential and - given the insecure nature of social media - will never divulge information likely to breach strict confidentiality or result in a conflict of interest online via a social media platform.