The Human Library project

The Human Library project is our main long term community project. Helping and supporting individual people affected by social stigma and social exclusion, this community project is designed to develop community, build social capital, and promote diverse, inclusive and stronger local communities.

The Human Library project is a developing long term local community project which has similar aims and objectives to the original Human Library social movement which started in Denmark in the year 2000, in that it seeks to eliminate or mitigate social stigma and social exclusion. However as Qultura is a developing alternative dream weaving community our protocols for our Human Library project is somewhat different. So too is the name, i.e. the Human Library project, to not only differentiate our community project from the original Human Library movement, but to also imply that it'a community project offered publicly by our community for the benefit of all.

What is the Human Library project all about?

While our Human Library project is being developed to help and support people affected by social stigma and social exclusion, it is primarily being developed as a dream weaving project in order to develop the Qultura community to make it more accessible to people. We envisage that for many people out in the wider community attending one of our Human Library events will be their first experience of dream weaving in practice. But if you've reached this page and are unfamiliar with what dream weaving is, or what it's about, clicking on the button below will give you some insight.

dream weaving

Dream weaving is literally the 'weaving together' of different thoughts, emotions, experiences, memories, stories, perspectives, ideas, feelings and so on together to create a new reality. As dream weaving is a magical way of creating new reality - and magic is all about unity and a connection between individual and environment - this is something that can be easily done in community as a community process.

What you're actually doing is seeking connections between four different things - memory, the environment, trauma (or past trauma) and the mind. This can be done easily through social interaction, community involvement and participation, drama, role play, to create conceptual reality which is based on the creation of truth through sharing humanity, narratives, and conscious awareness.

Dream weaving is a method of developing conscious awareness and mindfulness which is relative simple, natural and which can be powerfully effective.

Therefore participating in our Human Library project through attending regular events gives anyone opportunities to develop a Qultura method through Unmind and polar thinking. If you're not sure what Qultura is when you should become very familiar when you find out what polar thinking and Unmind, the fourth component of Qultura methodology, is all about.

However as we're seeking to develop this project as a new type of mystical local community resource, we are also developing the Human Library project to promote connections between different people in local communities, promote and develop social capital, provide free and easily accessible opportunities to develop conscious awareness and mindfulness, and promote stronger, more inclusive local communities.

You cannot have strong local communities if everyone is divided and roughly 30% of the local community is isolated, marginalized, stigmatized and excluded. How can you have inclusive communities when close to half the adult population have no social support network, a circle of friends, or that much opportunity to meet new people in the community?