Contact Thanks to COVID we're now a 24/7 online community.


Contact Details

Due to COVID-19 access to community space (managed by Wandsworth Council) is closed until further notice which means that we are not scheduling any in person meetings or activities until further notice.

Virtual 24/7 community

This means that we are currently a 24/7 Message Board community until further notice. This means that everything starts from our community Message Board - sign up, register and download. It's all completely free of charge, no harm no foul, type of basis. Just click on the grey Formbutton and send us an empty message to sign up to the Qultura Core network if you're not a supporter and then head to the Message Board and register.

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Find us on social media

You can also find us on a few social media platforms too. Details given below.

Qultura on MeWe

Since the end of 2019 MeWe is our primary social media platform simply because MeWe values privacy and individuality pretty much like we do and while there's fewer people there's also far fewer mindgames and Ego trips than on other social media platforms. Much less advertising. Lots more features. You just need a MeWe profile to access our MeWe community.

Qultura on Reddit
This is the link to the Qultura community on Reddit which you are welcome to join. Please note that access to this community is restricted so you will need to be pre-approved before you can post anything in our subreddit. This is so we can filter out trolls and idiots.
Qultura on Quora
Qultura maintains a Space on Quora which we're in the process of developing but where you are welcome to participate in and post content.
Qultura Core on Whatsapp
We also have a Qultura Core group on Whatsapp which you can either find or request to be added to by sharing your number.