Let's consider the basic rule of the Social Contract.

"I will make believe you are who you think you are if you make believe I am who I think I am."

Okay so what do you do when other people refuse to accept who you are because of the labels they keep assigning to you? How do you get round that?


Forget climate change, let's think about the different forms of abuse which are so widely acceptable in society.

Human beings abusing the environment

Climate change is not the real issue here but the various ways human beings abuse their natural environment and exploit natural resources.

Human beings abusing other animals and species

83 billion animals died last year in our continued warfare and genocide of other species, particularly vertebrate species.

Human beings abusing other human beings

Let's think about the different ways humans abuse each other through domestic violence, widespread bullying, social divisions, bigotry, and exploitation.

Human beings abusing themselves

Let's think about the different ways human beings abuse themselves through their compulsions, their fixations, their addictions and other forms of sell harm.

Let's think about the fundamental necessities for human existence


Every human being needs to feel valued and recognized by other people for who they are as an individual.


Every human being needs integrity and the most genuine integrity comes from humanity, not morality.


Every human being needs empathy and a sense of connection to others and a sense of social security.


Every human being needs a sense of community and a sense of social inclusion with others in community.

"I think we need to start talking about the deficit in consciousness, the lack of integrity, empathy and humanity which is permeating so much in our society and culture. Development of technology is showing up the ugly side of human culture, the competitiveness, the bigotry, the violence, the inhumanity and the cruelty, the widespread exploitation, where being primitive is considered a virtue, and wilful ignorance and being rude and obnoxious is being celebrated. At some point we will need to stop and think and try to find ways to reverse the process of the trashing of our culture and communities."
Stella Baker / Core facilitator and founder, Qultura Core

Qultura Core is primarily concerned with social stigma and social exclusion, two increasingly widespread social issues.

Social stigma

People labelling and judging each other in ideological struggles for social, economic and political power.

Social exclusion

People being deprived of their dignity and access to the basics which are accessible to most other people.

Social anxiety and loneliness

People affected by stigma and exclusion lose trust and confidence in others living in fear and isolation.

Breaking down societal taboos

Denial and victim blaming are not acceptable when we need greater appreciation and honest, open discussions from all sides and different perspectives.

Qultura Core is developing a community process which negates the labels and resolves the stigma.

What is Qultura?

Qultura is a relatively new system which promotes conscious awareness, empowerment of individual human experience, and mindfulness.

Dream weaving

You develop a Qultura method from a methodology through dream weaving in the Qultura community, an alternative dream weaving community.

A Human Library project

We're developing a Human Library project where people in local communities can connect to each other through dream weaving activity.

Qultura Connect

A system of universal community volunteering which is completely self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating..

What are the benefits of Qultura?

Increased conscious awareness

Developing a Qultura method through dream weaving is a simple, straightforward and natural way of developing conscious awareness and returning to a natural state of mindfulness.

Empowerment of individual life experience

Qultura is not a belief system nor a method you follow, you develop your own Qultura methods from your own memory and life experience.

Simple and easy to learn

Qultura methodology is simple and easily to learn. Once you are familiar with the methodology, you can create as many Qultura methods as you like.

Quick, simple access to a fully conscious lifestyle

Through Qultura you can become 'real' and develop a lifestyle where you talk your talk, walk your walk and actually live your truth.

Why not get involved?

Involvement in our community is free from cost, free from ideology, free from beliefs

The Issues

Learn about the core issues of social stigma and social exclusion and how they arise.

The Human Library project

Find out more about our developing Human Library project and its ethos and protocols.

Universal community volunteering

Find out more about our universal community volunteering system, explore the different opportunities and get involved..