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Life is all about conscious perspective and the felt sense of immediate experience. Mother and baby share the same environmental reality, but perceive reality differently. The baby is born enlightened, with no sense of separateness, and feels connected and at one with its mother. Conditioned to believe that separateness is real, the mother perceives the baby as her child. Only separateness is an illusion. Trauma is the starting point of any process of creativity and interaction in the universe. Life is a dramatic response to death, for living existence is just expansion of the universe on a different plane of consciousness. Hence reincarnation. Separateness is a consequence of human thinking and social conditioning, out of which we develop an Ego and a false belief that we are separate from our natural environment and each other. The consequence of this is ignorance, a distorted perception of reality, human conflict and suffering.

All suffering is manifest out of a belief in separateness

Welcome to the Qultura Core website

Qultura Core is the 'core' of the Qultura community. The Qultura community is a developing community of people who are interested in developing a Qultura method. Qultura methodology is a new, much simpler derivative of Therevada Buddhism. Qultura methodology is based on four simple universal principles, the I-Ching, karma and unmind. Unlike Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching, you do not follow a method, practise meditation, or contemplate.

Qultura is based entirely on conscious living. You learn the four simple universal principles, you learn the principle behind the I-Ching, karma and unmind and you create your own method from your individual conscious perspective and life experiences through involvement in community, being connected to your environment and others, and through this you liberate yourself from the mental enslavement of separateness through liberating yourself and others from ignorance and suffering through living as simply and naturally as a human being as is possible for you.

You do this through straightforward human evolution. You go out, explore, experiment, learn, discover, developing empathy with others, new culture, new community, and from this new consciousness. Through doing all these things and seeking out opportunities for pleasure, happiness and fulfillment you develop mindfulness and mental discipline.

We need volunteers and activists to help develop the Qultura community

No experience is necessary - we have a complete methodology and a specially developed universal volunteering system which is self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating. Nobody tells you what to do, there's no hierarchy, no control, you just figure this out for yourself and make arrangements with other members of the community.

Through developing various community projects centred around community support and various creative activities we come together and liberate ourselves and each other from the false illusions of separateness, Ego, Ego driven desires, using the principles of Qultura methodology to dissolve ignorance with existential truth, liberating people from their suffering so they can work with the trauma, start a process of healing and recovery, and make whatever changes they need to make in their lives.

All you need to get involved is an open mind, an internet connection, a willingness to read a couple of books, and a willingness to get involved. You don't have to change your beliefs or believe anything new. Understand that Qultura methodology is about developing new consciousness, it's not about ideology.

So what now?

To find out more about universal volunteering click on the tab. Likewise if you are seeking community support, click on that tab. To find out more about Qultura methodology and our developing community projects click the button below.

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Our power is our empathy

Our most abundant natural resource is the one that is so profoundly lacking in modern society, and that resource is empathy. Empathy is the ability to connect to others, to reach out to others, and while we may not share the same experiences we recognize their trauma and suffering and seek to empower them towards where they feel they need to be. We have a method (Qultura), we have creativity, we have empathy, we have technology, and through universal volunteering we have the power to come together to create new opportunities for change.

What do you really want to do with your life?

Life is a finite amount of time and energy. Time is the one thing you never get back in life. You can't just say, "I've had a crappy day. But no worries. I'll just roll back the clock and repeat today tomorrow." That's not how time works. Time passes relentlessly for everyone. So life comes down to how you manage your finite amount of energy, which, as you get older, gets less and less. Just how much value do you place on your life experience?

There's a lot of people out there who are miserable and struggling in life. Clinging to their beliefs in separateness, their whole lives revolve around working for money doing things they don't really enjoy doing for people who don't really appreciate them, just to get the next paycheck to keep on working and doing things they don't really enjoy for people who don't appreciate them. They judge themselves and each other by how much money they're making, the value of the property they own, whether or not they have a job and can stand on their own two feet, the clothes they're wearing, the car they drive, while deep down feeling insecure, powerless, alienated, isolated, and dis-empowered. Life is so hard when you're slaving away for some future 'goodie' that is unlikely ever to materialize, wasting your time and throwing your life away.

Fundamentally this all comes down to a simple choice you make in life. Do you want to make something of your life or are you content to stick to what you believe and end up throwing your life away? How important is that feeling that your life just kind of flows to you, where what you do matches up with what happens to you? Do you want to spend your life being appreciated by others for what you can do, or exploited by others for what they can get out of you? Just how profound do you want your life experience to be?

How does universal volunteering work?

If money were no object and you were guaranteed everything you need and want in life, what would you want to do with your life? What things do you know how to do, that you really enjoy doing, and that other people appreciate you doing? What sort of activities do you really enjoy spending your time doing? What are your interests and passions? What can you talk about endlessly? Universal volunteering is completely self-identifying. Volunteering should be a fulfilling, significant, enjoyable experience. You have a much better idea of how you want to volunteer. Why don't you do that? If you don't know what you want to do, why not come into the community and try out different things so you can figure out what it is you want to do?

You create your volunteering role by interacting with other community members through our Community Message Board. You will be part of a developing, growing Qultura community. As you never completely volunteer all by yourself, but through cooperating and collaborating with other people you define your role by developing relationships with other community members by creating threads and posting about what you need other people to do with you so that you can do what it is you want to do. If you don't find anyone our Recruitment Team will create external listings to find someone to work with you from the wider community. There's no set hours or duties as you figure everything out with other members of our community. Everything is by mutual arrangement. You volunteer when you want, as often as you want, and as most roles are still virtual and online volunteering is a matter of logging into our Community Message Board. In this way our system is fully self-regulating.

Furthermore our universal volunteering system is fully self-perpetuating. You are never tied to one volunteering or activist role. You can add roles, mix and match different roles, switch roles or just specialize in one role or field. Furthermore you can volunteer for long or short periods, walk away, do something else in life, come back and pick up where you left off. The recruitment process is always the same, decide on a role in our community, define it, and do it. You have complete freedom to volunteer how you want, develop experience how you want, work with different people, and work towards what you really really want to do in life. We will support you and back you up all the way.

Interested? Why not find out more and tell us what you really want to do?

Find out more about universal volunteering

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Reversal of suffering

Trauma and suffering is an inevitable part of life and life experience. There is not much which can be done to avoid this, but there is a widespread belief that we can avoid trauma and suffering. Indeed there is a widespread cultural belief that we can somehow shield ourselves from the trauma and suffering of others and this leads to the normalization and acceptance of a lot of unnecessary trauma and suffering.

You might want to stop and think about how much trauma and suffering has been normalized in our society.

Only you get to define your suffering and trauma

It's important to understand that the normalization of suffering and trauma in society comes as a result of a widespread aversion to suffering and a certain amount of denial and blame. This is what is leading to many people 'falling through the cracks' and being forced to bear the unbearable.

We're not here to pass any judgments, dismiss or diminish your trauma or suffering, or seek to remove you from your suffering. We're also not here to exploit your trauma and suffering for our own financial or material gain or publicity. This is not about us, it's about you. Only you get to define what your trauma and suffering is, how it affects you, and only you know what support, assistance and resources you need to make your life more bearable or even enjoyable.

We warmly invite you into the Qultura community

What will it take for you to let go of your trauma and suffering and start a process of healing and recovery to a better set of circumstances in life? You might not know this. Things might be so bad that you don't even know where to start. Things might even be so bad that it's still too painful for you to think about. It's not a problem. All that matters right now is that you reach out and move into an environment where you can find support and things can become easier to deal with, right?

The Qultura community is part of Qultura methodology. Qultura methodology has been developed to liberate people from their trauma and suffering, and the Qultura community is an open-minded, friendly, non-judgmental and supportive community where you can seek out and find opportunities to move past your trauma and suffering. All you need to do is to come into our community and reverse your participation. That signals to the rest of the community that you need support, back up, compassion and understanding. We will stand by you and support you for as long as you need to get where you feel you need to be in life. There's no cost, no obligations, no judgment and no stigma.

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