What is Qultura Core?

Qultura Core is the central activist and volunteering hub for the Qultura community. It's essentially a community and social support network for existing members of the Qultura community who want to interact and collaborate to further expand and develop the Qultura community and make it accessible to more people out there in the wider local community and wider society.

While this website is about Qultura Core, and not the Qultura community in general, to get involved in Qultura Core you need to be familiar with what the Qultura community is all about and also be familiar with Qultura methodology.

Some of you might not know what Qultura is all about. Not a problem. While this site is about Qultura Core you can get the same insights and methodology here and still access our Community Message Board. But we've also included the relevant parts of the 'About' page here on this page. Only we've hidden them. To find out more about Qultura simply toggle the various sections of the other 'About' page by clicking on the buttons below (click again to hide these sections).

tree example

The Tree Example

Qultura always starts out with what is known as the Tree Example.

Let's think of a tree, any tree. There's around 3 trillion trees growing out of the dry surfaces of this planet. There's more trees than there are stars in the sky (that we can see). What's more every single one of these trees is an excellent tree. It doesn't have to be taught how to be a tree. It just is. Does the tree know that it's a tree? We can only assume so. So what you have is a tree that understands it's a tree, growing naturally out of the ground, connected to other trees, and also connected to other plants, fungi, and animals, right?

Think about how your relationship to trees.

Trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some stand tall, some droop, especially if they're near water. You get big trees, tall trees, straight trees, bent trees, young trees, old trees, and so on. You look at a tree and you just accept it, right? Have you ever thought of a tree as being too ugly? Or too fat? Or maybe too stupid? Well have you? Have you ever yelled at a tree and told it to piss off? No, because you accept the trees for what they are, and appreciate the tree, for being a tree. This is where we come to a mystical principle.

The environment creates, the individual grows

Life comes with a relationship to different environments. There's the natural environment. Then there's a social environment. All trees are relative to both a natural and social environment. How a tree grows will always be relative to its environment. The same is true for all human beings. This relationship to one's environment is known as a Mystical Transaction.


You, the human being

You started out in life no differently from a tree, only you were born naturally as a human being.

However throughout your life you've had various people telling you who and what you are, who and what you should be, what you should think and believe, how you should behave and so on. This started in childhood with your parents at home and your teachers at school, but see also there's all your other relatives, friends, employers, the Government, advertisers, cultural figures, the media, and so on and so forth.

Now if you're naturally socially inclined, as pretty much everyone is to some degree, you go along with this. As you do (or did) you become involved in social and mental conditioning, or what is also known as Somebody Training, where you're conditioned to be a Somebody or even Somebody Special, you're expected to achieve stuff and have all your ducks in a row.

Out of this you develop an Ego

Out of your social conditioning you developed an Ego, a sense of self, of identity, for the Ego lies between your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires on the one hand, and the external social forces, other people, your social status, role and social position in life.

But your Ego is not the real 'you', it's just a social construct, an identity, a concept, an image of who you are. It comes with two very powerful and widespread beliefs - a belief in the false illusion of separateness (between you and your environment) and a belief in the false sense of continuity (otherwise known as fate or destiny)

What Qultura is really all about


You need to learn to find a way of living without your mask

Your mask here, as referenced in the above song, refers specifically to your Ego, that image you have of yourself which you present to everyone else out there in society. Your Ego is just a concept, a social construct, an image, it's not the real 'you'. It's just a role you play in society, this is just you and how you live up to other people's expectations of who you should be, how you should present yourself, what you should think and believe, how you should behave, and what you should do in life.

This has got nothing whatsoever to do with Qultura and the Qultura community, and it's got nothing to do with who you really are as a human being.

Qultura is all about becoming real and being real as an individual human being. You cannot live your whole life in Ego mode. Words are powerful. Very powerful. So too is human memory. Human beings are incredibly complex social animals, with incredibly complex and powerful psychological processes. Words are powerful for the fact that language is our only reference point to our existence. The line between sanity and insanity is wafer thin. It's that thin that you don't know where it lies. If you're trying to live your life in Ego mode, because that is what we're all expected to do out there in society, and you're constantly striving to live up to the various expectations from other people, then sooner or later you're going to end up crossing that line and you'll lose it.

Then what? How will you know what's real and what's not if you spend all your life in Ego mode, just thinking about life rather than actually living? How will you know what's really important and what isn't if you're living with some conceptual image of what life should be about? Please don't underestimate the power of words and memory. There's people out there who are still suffering and hurting over stuff that happened last week, last year, 20 years ago, or back in their childhood. There's people who are anxious, and nervous, and afraid of what's going to happen next week, next year, or somewhere in the future. All this hurting, and suffering, and fear, it really messes up your thinking and skews your perception of life. It also acts as a barrier preventing you from being happy. You do want to be happy, or don't you?

All existence is change, all existence is relationship

Qultura is all about the fundamentals of existence and for the past 12-13 years has been developing as a relatively new but simpler alternative to more established methods such as Buddhism, Taoism and yoga. The main difference is that Qultura is far more occult and esoteric. Qultura methodology is Natural Law, the basic mystical principles, numerology and magic. It's a complete methodology, not a method, not a belief system, and has got nothing to do with religion.

You see reality cannot ever be explained, or fully understood, or fully known, or taught. We exist in a universe and the universe is all about creativity and interaction. Change is the only constant in existence. We are all connected to each other and everything else through the universe. If the universe didn't exist, then neither would we. But it does, and so do we. Why? Does it really matter why?

This means that there are two different forms of reality we all experience - the actual reality of the universe which we cannot fully understand, and the conceptual reality which we understand because we can put it into words and explain it. You have been taught a conceptual version of reality, hence all that social conditioning, education and the Ego. But see, that sense of separateness between you and your environment and between you and other people is an illusion. We are all connected. It's finding out how we are all connected which is essential for knowing the truth about who you really are.

This is why Qultura is both a methodology and a community. You become familiar with Qultura methodology through watching a video (actually a slideshow presentation presented as a video) or by reading a few web pages or an e-book. This gives you a mystical insight into how things work in reality. Obviously it's not going to give you the complete picture, but just the fundamental basics. You then create your own Qultura methods through the Qultura community and through nothing more than primary social interaction, meeting people, talking, doing stuff together, having fun.

There's no set agenda, no purpose, nothing you need to believe in, and we're not trying to sell you anything, because participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge. Always has been, and it always will be. The Qultura community acts as a local community resource, a social environment where you can freely explore, experiment, meet other people, get to know them, talk about stuff, try out different things, and figure out what works and what doesn't work for you.


The Qultura community

The Qultura community doesn't have any purpose or set agenda because people come into the Qultura community for a wide variety of different reasons. Some come into our community in order to develop a Qultura method after learning the Qultura methodology. Others don't. It doesn't matter to us whether or not you learn Qultura methodology, because Qultura is not a belief system or ideology. It's there on our websites and freely accessible to you if you want to learn it, but if you don't want to then don't worry about it. What's most important is being involved in the Qultura community, connecting to other people in the community, and having a good time and a positive social encounter each time you come into our community.

The key to mindfulness is happiness. This is the key difference between human beings and animals. Animals are happy because they don't know how to be anything else, but human beings are self-conscious and are usually far more preoccupied with concepts and their own Egos and this is what for many people gets in the way of happiness. If you cannot be happy when you're around other people then you cannot be in a state of mindfulness. Therefore a major part of being involved in the Qultura community is learning how to be happy together with other people who are not part of your usual social environment.

This means that by and large people come into the Qultura community for one of three main reasons

Some people come into our community just to meet other people from the community, talk, share stories, experiences, and get to know other people and make new friends. This is by far the most popular reason why people have come into our community so far. Many people don't have that many friends, many people don't have close friends, and some people don't even have a social life. One or two people have taken that one step further and fallen in love with someone else in the community and as far as we're aware they're still together. But most people connect to our community for the social interaction and friendship as we offer everyone the chance to meet people without having to spend any money.

Increasingly people have come into our community because they're seeking community support, acceptance, validation from others, and even practical support such as access to food, or secure housing, or just to work through an issue they're experiencing by just talking to other people. Qultura started out by developing creative projects for the homeless and people with disabilities, and as we recover from COVID and lockdowns in our community in Nine Elms we're working with Wandsworth Council to develop better community support alternatives which will include an alternative to food banks. This is also something we're keen to develop elsewhere, such as in other areas of London and even further afield.

We're also the starting point for people who are seeking to develop creative activities or start new community projects. For much of our history of development in Nine Elms we were running drama workshops, making independent films, providing professional actors with showreel materials, but we're also keen to support and provide an environment for artists, photographers, musicians, writers, poets, and people who are interested in such activities as gardening, crafts, cookery, and so on. Whatever makes you happy and gives you that ability to express yourself creatively among other people. We are all about development of new culture at a local community level, because it's new culture which brings people together in a community, connects different people, and promotes change in the wider community and society.

We make it all up as we go along

Much of what Qultura is all about is non-conformity, making it up as we go along, doing stuff just for the fun of it, and just generally going with the flow. We welcome everyone in our community and as long as you come into our community with an open mind prepared to be happy and to share your happiness with others it's all good.

About Qultura Core

Qultura Core is about empowering individual human experience. This is why you need to be first familiar with Qultura methodology and also be a part of the Qultura community. Qultura Core is about the practical aspects of developing your own unique Qultura method through community. There are different methods of achieving mindfulness, such as meditation, yoga, but by far the simplest, most direct, and often the most powerful way of developing conscious awareness and mindfulness is through developing some creative interest or service to others in the community.

It doesn't matter who you are, you are born with a certain meta-physic, just as you are born with a certain amount of karma to resolve. There are things you simply know, or know how to do better than most other people. There are things which you think about, things which you enjoy, things which other people appreciate about you, and these are often things not connected with your education, your job or your societal role in life, but things you were born to be able to do. Similarly there are things which you understand that you need to learn about or know more about which are going to make your life easier.

These are the things you need to base your Qultura methods on - entirely. This is because the things you know and the things you do, or need to learn or become familiar with - these are your simplest and most direct route to happiness and mindfulness. If you don't know what these things are, or you're not sure, because your life has been messed up by things which happened in your past, it's still okay, because you can use the Qultura community as a vehicle for exploration, experimentation, learning and discovery. You do you, and you do whatever it takes for you to be in that state of happiness and mindfulness. It's all good. You have complete freedom to explore the different possibilities in the Qultura community.

However there are four very important principles on which Qultura Core is based:


You need to be real

You cannot serve anyone unless you're prepared to also serve yourself. Forget about being selfless or being selfish, being selfless is just as much of an Ego trip as being selfish. There is no substitute for being real - for talking your talk, walking your walk and actually living your truth.

This is not role play. Qultura Core is mystical, esoteric and doesn't follow the same societal agenda as an organization. Good Model Citizens don't get involved in the occult because that's misbehaving. But neither do puppets, and neither do robots. You're never going to live your truth or find your path in life by following other people's rules or trying to fit in with organizational roles or slavishly following mainstream culture.

Therefore to become part of Qultura Core you need to reject external authority, stop following other people's beliefs, and being everybody else's footstool. Become your own authority, live your truth, create your own beliefs based on your individual truth and never ever compromise on either your personal integrity or personal authenticity. If you know the methodology you shouldn't need any of these things anyway.

Niagara Falls

About subversion

Subversion is all about the outward, creative self-expression of individual truth. You have a story to share. You see things differently to the way most other people see things. You are creative. You have insight to share with other people in the community. You have a profound and deep need to express that individual truth and insight.

Qultura methodology is the complete methodology and the only source for Qultura methodology is this website or the Qultura website. As no two human beings are ever exactly the same and each has their own individual interpretation of Qultura methodology it also follows that no two Qultura methods are the same. This means that Qultura cannot be promoted through any means through language because to do so would be to turn it into an ideology.

Therefore Qultura methods are left unsaid and never ever discussed. When developing the community and raising public awareness of the community we signpost people to the Qultura website, this website, or to a meeting and leave it at that. If someone wants to come into the community then they do so voluntarily for their own reasons when they feel a need to do so.

mother and baby

Service to the community

Service to community and other people is another fundamental part of developing a Qultura method. This is why we do not advocate meditation or meditative practises when developing a Qultura method. You are not a monk, we do not run a monastery, and outside a few medicinal applications meditation for most people doesn't work.

In the Tree Example we pointed out the mystical transaction and the mystical principle of 'the environment creates, the individual grows'. What we're referring to is the Sacred Masculine Principle, which is about service to others and about appreciation, and this goes hand in hand with the Sacred Feminine Principle, which is all about humanity, empathy and human creativity. Any Qultura method needs to involve both these principles.

This is where we get to the difference between the Qultura community and Qultura Core, which is nothing other than the core of the Qultura community, made up of individuals who have learned the methodology and have found their own way or methods of serving the community by helping to develop it, either through sharing creativity or developing community support.


The importance of narratives

The only authentic way of developing a Qultura method is through narratives shared between different members of the Qultura community througn Primary Social Interaction - social interaction which is pleasant, positive, consciously aware and reaffirming of truth. Primary Social Interaction is the fourth universal principle and the basis of Unmind - the 4th component of Qultura methodology.

This of course means that Qultura methodology cannot be explained, or taught, or promoted commercially in any way. This means that without a connection to a community and one's environment and the possibility of social interaction a Qultura method simply doesn't exist, because there is no mystical transaction between you and another person which makes a Qultura method possible.

It is through Primary Social Interaction and Unmind that you empower not only your own individual human experience of life but you also affirm someone else's individual experience of life through reaffirmation, thereby empowering it. This has the effect of centring you and rooting you to the present moment, bringing you to a state of mindfulness naturally.

How to connect to the community

You can easily connect to the Qultura community both online and offline through the methods shown below.

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The Community Message Board

Since COVID and lockdowns when we lost access to community space and our community got scattered and fragmented, we decided to make our Community Message Board a virtual 24/7 community centre and the primary social environment for the Qultura community. Therefore being registered and involved in our Community Message Board is important because it's where we can connect to one another between meetings and our various social events away from social media. You can access the Community Message Board quickly and easily from our website - using the button in the top right hand corner of any webpage. Our Community Message Board is just as accessible from a smartphone as it is from a PC or laptop so you can log in from anywhere and check out what's happening any time you like.

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A Whatsapp group

Somewhere in between, and in addition to our Community Message Board and our social events and meet ups we have a Whatsapp group. Well in actual fact we have two Whatsapp groups, Qultura - for the actual community and also Qultura Core, which is more geared towards activism and volunteering through Qultura Core, which is essentially the 'core' of the Qultura community for anyone who is interested in getting involved and helping us to develop the community and community activities through a bit of volunteering and activism. It's more specific and smartphone orientated than the Community Message Board and is also a great place for social interaction, getting to know people, making arrangements (for stuff like meetings) and free phone calls.

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Meetings (in person)

Then of course you've got the meetings and meeting up for some face to face social interaction. Currently we meet up at our original venue which is community space managed by Wandsworth Arts Fringe and Wandsworth Council at the R.O.S.E. Community Club Rooms in Ascalon Street in Nine Elms, which is a short walk away from Battersea Power Station tube. We arrange regular meetings every couple of weeks or so depending on when we can access community space and meetings usually take place at 8pm. Post COVID we hope to expand into other areas of London and also expand on our meetings into other activities. Currently our meetings are vanilla social events where you get to meet other members of the community in person, drink tea or coffee, and even access food when food is available. All for free.


Rather than write lots of paragraphs and make this page much longer giving out information that only a few people will be interested in it's probably better to just put a Frequently Asked Questions section here at the bottom for the additional information which you feel you might need to know. If you still need information or have questions beyond this then you probably have a Not Frequently Asked Question which can best be answered by sending us a message - click on 'Contact' in the top menu or use the Formbutton bottom right hand corner of any webpage (the grey speech icon with maroon background).

Fundamentally Qultura is a work in progress and since its formation in 2009 has gone through several different incarnations or taken on different forms. However there's always a bottom line and throughout the many changes some things never change. Qultura is one of three things. It's a methodology which is based on Natural Law, mystical principles and magic. It's also a community of different people - the Qultura community. It's also Qultura Core - which serves as the 'administration' and volunteers who do what is necessary to maintain the community and make it freely accessible to everyone.

stella fibbo

Qultura started out as a partnership between Stella Baker and Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens at the end of 2009 in Nine Elms, London. Stella Baker, a Fringe dramatist, former stage director, mystic and shaman created and developed Qultura methodology. Ian 'Fibbo'Fibbens (1965-2013) was a former City trader and session guitarist who came up with the concept behind the Qultura community as an empathy-focussed community. When it first started Qultura was actually Qultura Fringe, a small Fringe theatre company in The Duchess pub in Battersea Park Road, and Qultura was the parent organization or 'quango' made up of a couple of trustees. In 2010 when everything moved to new community space on the Sleaford Street Industrial Estate it was decided that Qultura would be the community and Qultura Core be the trustees, Stella, and Fibbo (as he preferred to be known). When Fibbo died in 2013 it was decided that Stella and the trustees - David Fisher, Charmaine Bourton and Charmaine Peters would continue as Qultura Core.

No it's not. Qultura Core has twice tried to become a registered charity to address issues of social stigma and social exclusion and failed on both occasions. Central to this failure was the steadfast refusal by Qultura Core to commit to a single mission or purpose or come up with a mission statement. Qultura is seen as a community group not just by the Charities Commission but by everyone else and it's unincorparated and unofficial (despite loose plans for Qultura Core to become a CIC or Community Interest Company) and thanks to COVID and subsequent lockdowns is in a state of flux. But see Qultura is strictly non-commercial, non profit making, with not really anything to sell or promote based on our Founding Principle.

When it first started Qultura was set up to give anyone in a community, irrespective of who they are, how they identify themselves, their background and circumstances, completely free and unrestricted access to participate in local community and the development of local community culture and cultural activities. Completely free and unrestricted access means not just freedom from financial costs, but also freedom from ideology, belief systems, freedom from any necessity for a role based on Ego such as consumer, service user, volunteer, and so on. You can be destitute, street homeless, skint, without a pot to piss in and be welcomed into our community just the same as if you own several large houses and define yourself as a millionaire. Qultura is all about fundamental humanity and empathy. Consider that after we die and are cremated our ashes all weigh pretty much the same in an urn.

There's no connection between us and Wandsworth Council other than we work together for the benefit of local communities and the development of local community culture in a partnership between Qultura (Qultura Core) and Wandsworth Arts Fringe. This relationship dates back to 2011 and the support of former Conservative councillor John Hallmark who understood what Qultura was set up to achieve and was instrumental in setting up the partnership with Wandsworth Arts Fringe, with cross party support from the Mayor of Wandsworth and members of the Labour group, such as Simon Hogg and Leonie Cooper. Wandsworth Council provides the community space for our community meetings via Wandsworth Arts Fringe and has done so ever since we were evicted from the Sleaford Street Industrial Estate (property developers) and moved to the R.O.S.E.

Throughout it's history and development Qultura has never ever been officially funded and officially has no income apart from that what is provided by Stella Baker herself or occasional contributions or donations from various people. Everything on this website and our publications are provided free of charge and as part of the Founding Principle no money changes hands for whatever reason between members of the community. This means we run entirely on the basis of humanity, empathy and community.

There are no rules and conditions simply because, throughout our history and development, the hundreds of different people who've passed through our community have never needed any rules or conditions. We promote mindfulness through mysticism and magic, through sharing access to our community, insights and our methodology to anyone and everyone who's interested. Everything works on the basis of humanity and empathy. You see when you start imposing rules and conditions you create physical (abstract) forms in language, you create beliefs and ideology, you create purposes, and out of this you create conflicts between people and even conflicts within individual people.

Your humanity is who you are in the present moment, with all your 'stuff' and emotional baggage, acceptance of all your 'stuff' and that of other people, and something to say. Nobody who's ever been a part of our community has ever had an issue with understanding this.

All you need to do is be yourself and participate. Mindfulness is about being, it's never about doing, and much of what it's about is feeding, nourishment, random acts of kindness and service, both to yourself and other people. The only thing you need to do is participate, turn up, and have a good time.

Outside of promoting mindfulness through mysticism and magic there is no purpose and no mission. The whole point of the Qultura community is non-conformity, 'winging it', making everything up as we go along, doing stuff on the spur of the moment, someone having an idea and making a suggestion and people all going "Yeah why not? Let's give it a go." It's all about spontaneity and trying different stuff out to see what works and what doesn't, what's fun and what isn't.

Consider that most (or all) of these FAQs are created to answer questions arising out of your need for concepts, and physical abstract forms, something permanent which arises out of your belief in the false illusions of continuity and separateness. You're thinking in Ego mode, which is fine because we all do it. But all the while you're thinking in Ego mode, thinking along the defined patterns and processes of your social and mental conditioning, you're attached and not mindful and just going with the flow.

Mindfulness is when you see beyond the everyday, the mundane, the usual, and you start transcending the boundaries of what's normal so that you see things in a way that nobody else has ever seen. You think of things that nobody else has ever thought about. You get into stuff that only you have experienced in life. Much of what Qultura is about is dissolving boundaries so that we can actually connect in meaningful ways to one another. You see you can only be you if other people are who they are.

Okay so let's say you're reading this and generally interested on some level on finding out and maybe becoming part of the Qultura community, but you're not sure because you're struggling and having to deal with some issues in your life or your personal circumstances. You don't have anything to eat. You feel lonely. You don't have any money. You're caught up in a problem and you don't know what to do. You feel insecure. Unsure. You lack self-confidence. You don't have any friends. You don't even have a social life. You got a bunch of people expecting stuff from you and when you turn to them they're all of a sudden not available, or they don't have time, or they're busy. You're dealing with stuff that's holding you back.

It's okay. You can still come to a meeting or get involved in our community through the Message Board, or however which way.

All you need to become a part of our community is something to say, something to express, something to share. Okay if you don't have a story, but you've got a problem, you've got fears, anxieties, issues, it's still something to say, something to share. Life isn't ever really ideal, and sometimes you cannot always solve a problem or have your shit together. Sometimes you are the problem and sometimes your life is a mess. That's okay too. We all got to start somewhere.

So what are you going to achieve by staying at home and being stuck there all by yourself? What is going to change?

Part of the community or social role of the Qultura community is spent on 'first contact' community support. This is increasing so in the current social conditions where there's a greater social need to help and support people who need help and support but who simply aren't getting it elsewhere. Of course you've still got to connect and talk about stuff, and find a way of doing it, but we stand as an opportunity for change which doesn't exist elsewhere and things usually start changing once you get connected and we can get to know what help and support you need.

Surely dealing with stuff is much easier when you've got help and support from other people, right?

It's always possible but there's two things you need to take on board and consider.

The first thing is that to be a volunteer in the Qultura community you need environmental awareness. This means that you actually have to be a part of the Qultura community before you start. You need to be registered and actually involved (which means posting stuff) on our Community Message Board and turning up to our social meetings and to actually know and understand what Qultura, it's methodology and community, is really all about. Our Community Message Board is haunted by 'ghosts', people who wanted to be volunteers and who came to us, but who simply didn't follow through. Which brings us to the second thing you need to keep in mind.

The second thing is that - and we figured this out during the lockdowns and COVID pandemic - is that most of what many people think of volunteering and 'giving something back' to the community is an Ego trip. It's role play. We're not sure whether this has got something to do with the societal emphasis on work, or whether people are under pressure from the Job Centres and DWP to find work, but what many people are looking for when it comes to volunteering is a neat little role they can stick on their CV or resume and not much more than that. This is 'do-gooding', it's a cop out. If you feel the need to 'do good' then we suggest you fix whatever is going on in your life which inspires the need for you to 'do good' and leave us alone.

Understand that the route into our community and what we do is unfiltered. We accept anyone and everyone into our community and welcome them with open arms, up to and including the people you might pretend not to notice, such as the destitute and street homeless, people with mental health issues, people with disabilities and learning difficulties, folks with criminal convictions, migrants from other countries, and others who need a sense of acceptance from others and a connection to the wider community. We do this because we believe that everyone, no matter who they are and what they've done in life, deserves a second chance, another opportunity, a chance to make a change. Now you either take on board this shared belief and principle, and you get past your issues with Ego and identity, or you don't.

The point here is that we don't do role play. We do discipline. If you want to become a volunteer in our community and get all involved in Qultura Core and help develop this community further, then you're going to need a discipline of some sort. Discipline here means a practice, an activity you do over and over again because it gets you out into the community, meeting people, and it gets you the insight you need to be in that state of mindfulness. A discipline is a genuine, heartfelt, and deep down desire to serve other people in a community in some way because you understand that there's a mutual benefit both to you and other people. A discipline is what gets you out of bed in the morning and keenly interested in life. We're not you, we don't live your life, we don't share your reality. We haven't got a clue what you define as a discipline, we're just here to appreciate it.

Therefore if you're serious about volunteering on the basis of a discipline, all you need to do is get involved and talk to us about your discipline and what you really enjoy doing. Have a word with Stella. Talk about your discipline and we can come to some arrangement.