What is Qultura?

We've adopted a 'kitchen sink' approach on our 'About' page which is the same on both our websites (we run two websites, Qultura which is community-focussed, and Qultura Core which is the 'core' of the community and the business end of our community). This page should give you a comprehensive overview of everything everywhere so you know how things work, which site you need, and where to find stuff.

Due to being a mystical community resource we start out with initial contextual information in two columns (the first four panels), The left column is about actual reality - the mystical part, and the right hand column is about the cultural reality - the social part. This will make things (hopefully) much clearer when we get into the 'meat' of our webpage further down.

Please keep in mind that Qultura is a methodology, a community and the universal volunteering hub or 'core' of the community and all these three things together make up a complete mystical community resource.

trees and birds

The Tree Example

Here are some trees growing in the natural environment of this planet. They exist and as they exist they are relative to their environment. We are able to perceive that they are trees because they are surrounded by space and they have a physical form, and we can also over time perceive that the trees are growing, therefore they are living trees and are conscious.

This is an example of a mystical transaction with an organism living in complete harmony with its natural and social environment. The basis of any mystical transaction is as follows:

The environment creates, the organism grows.

This is how it works.

Consciousness is existence, and also information because nothing can exist without giving out information about its existence. But consciousness can only exist in space - the universe is essentially the space which contains everything in existence in the present moment. Consciousness is existence, space is non-existence, reality and environment.

Consciousness and space interact through energy and physicality. This is how we can perceive consciousness, space, and energy (physicality) through our own physicality - physical body, sensory nervous system and brain. We perceive existence from an individual conscious perspective, which is consciousness, through a mind, which is space.

However consciousness and space are infinite and go on and on and on and on infinitely through the universe. Therefore we cannot understand either reality or existence, because reality (space) and existence (consciousness) cannot be fully understood, explained, known or defined. We also cannot fully understand, know or explain either ourselves or our lives.

But we're not here to understand everything. We're just like the trees, here to live in harmony with our natural and social environment, and also ourselves.

Niagara Falls

Change is the only constant in existence

What do you really mean when you claim to be seeking change? All existence is change. All existence is relationship. Change is the only constant in existence. If you claim to be seeking change, are you sure that you really understand what life is all about?

Let's get to the heart or the core of Qultura methodology.

Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. That's the entire how and what of both reality and existence. That is all you really need to know to be able to understand the fundamental basis of reality and existence - the principle and the process. Qultura is all about the principle and the process and not much more than that.

Take a look at the image above of Niagara Falls on the US- Canadian border. Yes Niagara Falls has a physical form and dimension. It exists as a waterfall between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and sits on the border between Ontario and the state of New York. But is that the point of Niagara Falls or is it the water that is constantly flowing over the edge of the cliff into the river below?

That water constantly flowing over the edge is the process which defines the principle of Niagara Falls is it not? Everything in existence has the exact same principle and process. The universe has a principle and process. This planet has a principle and process. Nature has a principle and process. You have a principle and process. So too does everyone else.

The notion that your happiness, sanity and security depends on clinging to things and seeking permanence in an impermanent environment is not only highly irrational, it's delusional. Can you cling to water? Have you ever tried to grab hold of a handful of water? Have you ever succeeded?

Are you one of these people trying to attain 'nirvana' or enlightenment through meditation - sitting on your backside pretending to be an out of breath asthmatic and trying not to think? Or do you prefer to practise yoga and pretend to be an acrobat doing circus on the floor?

The moment you start cling to things you make them conceptual and lose your connection to your natural and social environment. You start living in denial of your fundamental humanity. You are already enlightened so stop engaging in foolishness trying to seek 'enlightenment' from somewhere outside you. Try to focus more on living more naturally and consciously as a human being by being more involved and aware of your natural and social environment. Learn to enjoy yourself more and find ways where other people can enjoy being around you.

mother and baby

All trauma and suffering arises out of separateness and division

This is the foundation premise of Qultura methodology.

Qultura methodology is developed to address the issue of separateness which is a fundamental basis for human thinking and social interaction in almost all human beings on the planet.

The false illusion of separateness

Human belief in separateness was a consequence of a widespread social and cultural change some 5,000 or so years ago - the so-called Fall of Man - when humans learned that they could influence their environment and create new forms out of human thinking, and so human thinking developed into more self-conscious and focussed patterns of thinking developing the narrow focus of conscious attention over many areas bringing science, religion and education. This came with the cost of human ignorance and a belief that we are completely separate from our natural environment and each other. Out of this we get the Ego.

Above we see an image of a mother and baby. Both have radically different perceptions of their reality. The baby perceives itself as being connected to its mother. There is no separateness whatsoever because for much of its existence its natural environment was its mother's womb where it was very much a part of her body. You can only perceive your environmental reality in terms of your own conscious experience of life and the felt sense of immediate experience coming from your environment.

Contrast this with the individual conscious perspective of the mother who has been conditioned to believe that separateness is real and that her Ego is the fundamental basis of her existence. She not only sees her baby as being completely separate to her, she also feels the enormous pressure which comes from widespread societal expectations that she socialize her child within a relatively short period of time - 18 years - so that they are socially functional in society and are able to make some contribution to the socioeconomic system.


The traumatic process of socialization

Most people are traumatized by the process of socialization which is centred around reinforcement of the belief in separateness and development of the Ego through what can be described as training to become a Somebody in society or even a Somebody Special. Very few people manage to get through this process unscathed.

Often something happens in the child's life during their childhood which traumatizes them, or the trauma could come from a situation where early in childhood the parent was put into a situation where they were forced to either reward or punish the child, and this happened before the age of emotional reasoning. Or just as likely the trauma occurred not at home but at school, where children are conditioned to be competitive through the emphasis on marks, grades, assessments, test results and other evaluations. No child wants to be average, and no parent wants their child to be average either, but better than average. But not all children can be better than average, and if some are better than average then inevitably some are average and some worse than average.

This results in a perception of unworthiness, inadequacy, a lack of confidence or stigma or something else in most human beings. Almost invariably the process of socialization and reinforcement of Ego creates an inner conflict and feelings of isolation, alienation, marginalization and vulnerability in most human beings. This in turn creates a personality which causes someone to look to the world and other people for self-esteem and external validation through questions such as:

  • Am I acceptable to you?
  • Have I achieved enough for you?
  • Am I good enough for you?

This in turn results in most people being forced into a situation where they constantly have to defend their Ego, justify themselves and compete with others just to get some kind of basic lifestyle together and maintain it.

Most people end up living lives where they have to focus on work, money, societal obligations from others and contribution to economy with little or no opportunity to really learn how to appreciate and enjoy life. The focus on work and money starts the moment they leave school and never really lets up until old age.

A kind of Qultura anthem


"Your Mask" - Mikey D. Burnz (ft. Snowflake) with lyrics

Continuing on from the initial two columns of initial information above.... this song - which we strongly recommend you spend a bit over 3 minutes listening to - neatly encapsulates what the Qultura community is really all about. The Mask in question is your Ego, something you were forced to develop through your process of socialization, education and training to be a Somebody (or Somebody Special) and which you now have to spend your whole life defending and feeding through constant amounts of self-esteem, your efforts to conform to being a Good Model Citizen and to show yourself to be worthy and deserving of what is known as Widespread Social Respectability.

None of us have the time, patience, energy or resources to be dealing with that kind of crap in this community.

This is a community where you can make use of Qultura methodology to recover from the emotional and psychological trauma of having to maintain your Ego out in wider society and to figure out ways where you can become real and learn how to walk your walk, talk your talk and live your truth (if you haven't already done so). This is a subversive community where empathy, trust, truth and community all are incredibly important. In fact nothing is more important than these four things so we expect you to drop the Ego and just be you, whoever you feel yourself to be.

The central issue

The Deficit of Consciousness

Qultura is founded on the belief that the Fall of Man, when human culture decided to focus on the narrow focus of conscious attention out of which we get the Ego and base human social thinking on development of the Ego alone, which took place around 5,000 years ago, was a mistake in human evolutionary thinking. We are all paying a terrible price for that mistake, even today because we have lost our relationship with our natural environment, other species, and through nothing more than environmental ignorance now lack the consciousness to adequately address the growing number of social, environmental, economic and political issues we face. We are all suffering because of a deficit in human consciousness.

What we mean by a Deficit in Consciousness

We've taken a swing at the Climate Change agenda not because any of us are climate change deniers, but because we wish to make a point. We are not being abused either by the universe, this planet or other species. Nobody is being attacked by entire forests of trees, are they? From what we can see the abuse is coming from one species and one species alone - the human species. None of this abuse is intentional. We are abusive simply because collectively we lack the consciousness, the conscious awareness, the empathy and the creativity to develop better relationships with our natural environment and our social environment. More than anything this comes down to a basic lack of civilization.

We have the internet, a powerful means for connecting everyone and developing consciousness globally. Yet 70% of internet traffic is porn related, and much of the rest is devoted to making money, control freakery, political squabbling and coming out with all kinds of delusional bullshit. So instead of connecting people and giving people opportunities to explore and develop their creativity, we're using it to become even more primitive, abusive, and delusional than we were before we had access to it.

What this all boils down to is culture and a serious case of cultural decline. For far too long far too much emphasis has been given to small minded, petty bean counters and economists with their delusional materialist, reductionist, parasitic economic theories centred around the Central Profit Incentive at the expense of everyone else. Well guess what, not everyone can be consumers and takers, you also need to have creators and investors from all walks of life otherwise you end up with a society which is completely fucked up just like the post-Brexit society in Britain is today. There's a lot of people out there who can no longer be consumers simply because they no longer have a pot to piss in. An increasing number don't even have anywhere to live or enough money to adequately cover the basic essential living costs.

Yet Britain is hardly a Third World country. There's more than enough money, space, technology and other resources to go round. Draw your own conclusions.

Social cohesion = the creativity of the poor + the empathy of the wealthy

At the 9th 'Future Visioning' conference in August 2020 organized by Wandsworth Council, Stella Baker, the surviving co-founder of the Qultura community and creator of Qultura methodology, spoke of the need for widespread empathy and a political transformation if there was to be any realistic hope of addressing the number of growing social, environmental and economic issues facing Mankind at the moment. She was speaking on the basis of her all inclusive vision when setting up Qultura and developing Qultura methodology neatly summed up in the above statement about social cohesion.

Sadly, despite the fact that Wandsworth Council supports the work of Stella Baker and Qultura Core when it comes to community development through providing access to community space (we wish to give a shoutout here to former Councillor John Hallmark and Wandsworth Mayor Jane Cooper who were instrumental in creating the partnership between Wandsworth Council and Qultura Core) the situation in the rest of the country, and London, is one of social fragmentation and disunity with the situation reversed - the poor are the ones with the empathy and the wealthy are the ones usually creating the hostility, particularly towards certain sections of the community and society in a struggle to maintain social, economic and political power at all costs.

Witness for yourself the tragic situation going on in the UK right now where everything is fucked up, most people know it's fucked up, but hardly anybody is prepared to make the first move to give an inch or any quarter in their futile struggle for social or economic power in an environment and social most people are working hard to destroy. Every day more victims are added to the toll and more bodies arrive at the morgue.

Is this making any sense to you?

A Rough Guide to the Qultura Community

How Qultura works

If you are in a situation where you don't know or understand what is going on, such when you arrive late at a dinner party, or turn up at a house party party where you don't know anyone, or you're late for a meeting at work, surely the most sensible thing to do is keep your mouth shut and pay attention until you understand what's going on. Then when you become familiar with what's going on you start reaching out to others and introducing yourself, giving everyone present some idea of who you are and what you are all about. Then after doing that you make the effort to enjoy yourself.

Please do something similar when getting involved in the Qultura community

It's been clear to some of us for decades that both reality and existence are too infinite and too complex for anyone to even understand, let alone explain. Yet this doesn't prevent most people assuming that they know and understand the universe, this planet, society and each other. Really? Then where is this fluid, evenly balanced utopian human paradise because from our collective perspective everything is a chaotic mess and it's a case of everyone out for themselves and God help anyone who gets in their way.

Our point here is that neither reality nor existence are meant to be understood or explained. They're meant to be accepted, appreciated, experienced and enjoyed. This also applies to people, their lives, and the stories of their lives.

Therefore please don't look too hard into this and expect something out of your involvement in the Qultura community which we're not offering and doesn't exist. We're offering you a genuine opportunity to make use of our community and our resources to gain genuine mystical insight and achieve mystical enlightenment in a short space of time. This involves not much more than reminding you that you're already an enlightened being and you most likely know how to become more enlightened and transform your state of consciousness.

What you do with this opportunity we leave entirely up to you. You can have a look at the website, decide there's too much to read, that it's too much effort for you, and decide to look elsewhere, passing up the opportunity we're offering. Cool. Some of you might be interested in checking out the growing number of videos on spiritual enlightment and consciousness and have someone explain it all for you for up to five hours or more but not have the opportunity to make any use of what you've learned in a community of like-minded people like you can here. Or you can actually make something of it, getting to know a few new people in the process, and derive some benefit.

After all at the end of the day it's your life. Your reality. Your mind. Your state of consciousness. Your experience of the universe and life. You choose.

Qultura methodology - the mysticism, numerology and magic

If you're reading these words then you've got access to the updated methodology. Qultura is a complete methodology, which is comprised of four components:

  • Natural Law - the longest and most extensive of the four components.
  • Universal principles - the four core universal principles of Qultura methodology.
  • Combined numerology - comprised of the 14 most important numbers in numerology to give you mystical awareness.
  • Unmind - the eight mystical principles you, each of the four universal principles, and four from magic, which your Qultura method needs to be based on.

All of these four components are interconnected and interdependent on one another so you should, if you study and learn the methodology, which you do on your own in your own way, have a solid understanding of mysticism and the way things work in actual reality. This doesn't give you an understanding of either reality or existence - just the basic fundamental principles. You figure out your own perception of reality and existence from your individual felt sense of immediate experience and direct experience of life.

If you're coming into our community as a devout Christian, Muslim, Jew or other religion you have no need to worry. Qultura methodology is pure mysticism and should align with the mystical tradition of whatever religion you believe or follow. You don't have to believe anything new or change whatever beliefs you have already. The Qultura community is not a cult. It's a mystical community resource and nothing more than this.

The Qultura community - a community message board and a website

The Qultura community is the community created and developed to provide free access to an alternative social environment, centred since COVID around involvement online on our community message board which functions as a virtual 24/7 community centre. Our community is run entirely on the basis of the same mystical principles of Qultura methodology, in particular Natural Law, which means that there's a very strong emphasis on simplicity, cohesion, trust, empathy, reciprocity and flow.

The Qultura community is an empathy-focussed community with completely different Community Standards to what you find out in the wider community and society. It's created and maintained specifically for anyone and everyone with a serious interest in creating and developing their own Qultura methods out of our methodology. What those Community Standards are and how they differ from those out in the wider community and society should become very clear to you once you become familiar with the first component of Qultura methodology - Natural Law.

This is where we're going to be completely up front and honest with you. Getting into mysticism gives you a deeper insight not only into who you are, but also what's going on around you. Here you have access to that mystical insight and can easily achieve mystical enlightenment through doing not much more than reading and interacting with other people. It's taken us - a small group of people - around 12 years to put all this together. This community has never been funded and hopefully even at this point you can imagine the effort it's taken us to get this far and it's all here, right here in front of your face on a computer or smartphone screen.

Understanding mysticism allows us all to shift the emphasis onto individual perspective, individual experience and individual truth. This is what levels everything between us, what makes us all equal and also one, because we are all unique individual human beings, we all have a unique perspective, we all have a unique story, a unique truth, unique insight and unique experience we can all share with others and contribute something significant to this community for the benefit of everyone. But this is as far we can can go with you, and as much as we can offer you. We cannot offer you anything more than this without your involvement and participation. If you're unwilling or unsure about whether you want or need to participate, at this point, then so be it. It's pointless you joining this community if you're unwilling to make use of the opportunity or you're unwilling to become involved and participate in this community. Not much point in joining this community if you're not willing to at least become familiar with the methodology either.

We can only go so far to break through this separateness between us. You're the one who has to do your bit and make the effort to connect to this community. We just wish to point this out. Moving on...

Community Message Board
The Community Message Board is where everything starts and where everything is worked out between everyone. It's a bog standard third party message board. It's essentially our version of a social media platform. To become a member of the Qultura community all you really need to do is register on the Message Board, fill out your profile as you wish, read through the administration section, introduce yourself to the community on one of the boards in the New Members Section and that's it - you're an established member of the Qultura community. To participate just head for the maroon outline button at the top of any page on any website, log in, and you're there.
The Qultura website
The Qultura website is our community focussed website. From left to right you get this webpage in the 'About' section, then the four components in the 'Methodology', details of the various community projects in 'Projects' and 'Blog+' for the generation of creative content and output - Core Blog, Community Blog, Qultura Fringe, and whatever listings are generated from the various community projects. Each Community Blog post and Qultura Fringe project is published on both our websites and comes with a unique URL you can share wherever you wish.

Qultura Core - the same message board and another website

Qultura Core is fundamentally the core of the Qultura community. It's the volunteering community who deal with the administration, development of the community and also the 'business end' of the community. It's still the Qultura community centred around the same community message board and essentially volunteers and activists cooperating to develop the same community projects but the Qultura Core website has a completely different emphasis to the Qultura website.

Much of the Qultura Core website contains the same information as the Qultura website - the methodology, information about Qultura, the publications and Blog+, but it also contains information about the unique universal volunteering system, reverse participation and the pledge and appeal system of community support.

Universal volunteering is the unique system of volunteering native to the Qultura community which is completely self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating. The entire universal volunteering system is just one small category at the bottom of the entire message board titled The Qultura Core network It's organized this way because as we're rebuilding our community into one which is much bigger than before, almost all current volunteering opportunities are virtual online opportunities, and everything is worked out in this section on the message board where we can all create new threads and post to the threads. Volunteering in most cases in our community is a simple matter of logging into the Message Board, heading for the Qultura Core network section, and catching up with what's been posted.

There's three base roles in universal volunteering. The first is volunteer for anyone interested in Community Development and focussing on the development of our infrastructure, community projects, resources, etc. The second is activist for anyone interested in Community Engagement and connecting our community to people and organizations outside our community. Then you have reverse participation, which unlike volunteering and activism isn't a real volunteering role, it's a recognized status of anyone who needs community support and has elected to escalate their needs for community support by coming into our universal volunteering system. More on this in the next tab.

Unlike Ego-based (read typical) volunteering roles which you get offered in an organization such as a large registered charity, we don't offer fixed, predetermined volunteering or activist roles that you need to commit to as you would a position of paid employment. All our volunteering and activist roles are in some way connected to the development of our community, to the development of community projects, and so all volunteering and activist roles are based on what needs to be done or what role needs to be fulfilled in the present moment.

This means you don't have to be that committed to any role unless you really enjoy the activities involved. Volunteering through our community is primarily about developing consciousness through developing mindfulness, discipline and empathy, so you need to be primarily focussed on the experience you're going through and the consciousness you're developing out of that experience. This means you focus much more on the connections you make, on doing things you really enjoy doing, and trying out different things in different roles on different projects changing roles, projects and tasks as you feel you need to so as to create a flow of experiences you enjoy and love doing.

The universal standard for community support in Qultura Fallback and the Qultura community is always first contact unconditional community support.

This means that the focus of the volunteering community is on providing unqualified emotional and psychological community support to anyone and everyone in the community who needs it, for as long as they need it, for whatever reason they need it. We do not provide material, financial, professional or clinical support but always signpost those who need such support to some organization or government department outside our community.

This means that if you are a volunteer who is signposting someone out of the message board level of Qultura Fallback out of the community for whatever additional support they need, you also need to bring them into the universal volunteering system by inviting them to reverse their participation in our community, because you are escalating their need for community support.

There's a very clear ethical reason for doing this. Since the 1990's all community support, welfare support and so on is given on the basis of common purpose or common core and conditionality. It is assumed that anyone who needs community support has failed in life to the degree that they can no longer contribute to our growing economy and therefore all support is given on the condition that they will make a better effort to 'conform' to societal expectations (decided by God knows who) to be 'deserving' of the support otherwise, quite simply, they can be refused such support.

Conditionality generally not only prolongs someone's suffering and trauma - for example through a benefit sanction or a refusal to award someone with a disability a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - but can also trap them by locking them into social stigma or social exclusion. The loss of autonomy and control through conditionality makes it hard for those who need support to let go of the suffering which they need to do to be able to move past the trauma. We bring them into the universal volunteering system essentially to create a community support network to support them through this conditionality stage so no organization can go one step further and completely destroy their life.

When someone reverses their participation in the our universal volunteering system we give them the opportunity to create Community Appeals to gather whatever material and financial support they need from outside our community. This brings us to the pledge and appeal system which is covered in the next tab.

We live in a society where pretty much all material, financial and spatial resources are tightly controlled either by large multi-national corporations, now the most powerful social organizations, or government departments (both local and national) where once again all material, financial and spatial resources are tightly controlled by political parties, usually one of two large and powerful political parties who work hand in hand with the corporations, such as property developers, often to the detriment of people and local communities.

These organizations are staffed predominantly by white, middle class, professional types coming from relatively privileged backgrounds who, through no fault of their own, have a very poor or non-existent understanding of the vast multitude of social, environmental and economic issues our current socioeconomic system generates or the sheer misery, suffering, trauma and hardships it creates in the lives of individual people. We're referring to the people who make the decisions regarding the allocation of material, financial and spatial resources.

They too have been put through the same socialization, education and Somebody training as everyone else, and have been trained to believe that the Ego is real and the societal values of Western individualism is the only way to run and manage the socioeconomic system of this country. Unfortunately as a result of the false notion of separateness we have all been conditioned to believe is real many are psychologically and emotionally indifferent and sometimes hostile towards many of the people we seek to support from local communities, e.g. people not born with white skin, people from underprivileged, deprived or poor backgrounds, people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and mental health issues, people identifying as LGBT, people who are migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who have been forced to flee political, economic and environmental issues in their home countries, and so on.

We are not a large registered charity with headquarters and administrative staff to handle donations. This is a very small, unfunded, developing mystical community resource committed to developing culture at local community level for the benefit of everyone living in that community. We see no gain or advantage in protest, in continuing, exacerbating or adding to the appalling levels of societal indifference, hostility or divisionism that's already in existence in our society and communities because there's people out there who are really struggling, really suffering and who are dying and committing suicide all the while this situation persists.

The only way we as communities and a society collectively are ever going to change things is if we make a bit of effort to open our minds and our hearts and become more consciously aware of the appalling amounts of trauma, suffering and misery our imaginary, conceptual socioeconomic system generates as a direct consequence of our collective emphasis and focus on linear economic growth and corporate profit. For this reason we have developed a unique pledge and appeal system based on community appeals and community pledges to create some common ground between the people who need community support to overcome trauma and suffering and those who have the material, financial and spatial resources who are able to liberate those who need support from their trauma and suffering.

We cannot force consciousness into people's hearts and minds, and please understand our role here as a community is that of a community platform or interface through which those who need the support can share their individual truth and reality with others. We have no agenda here, our methodology exists, we just want to share it with those who need it and can benefit from it. We're not here to make money and we have no interest in virtue signalling either. We do this basically as our societal obligation to stand in solidarity with those who are the poorest, the most vulnerable, the weakest and who have little or nothing left to survive on.

We welcome all those who wish to join us to create better, stronger, much more inclusive communities where it's possible for everyone to be able to be themselves and live their individual truth.

Background to Qultura

Qultura - founders, source and a bit of history

stella fibbo

Qultura was developed out of Qultura Fringe at the end of November 2009 by Stella Baker and Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens (1965-2013) after Stella Baker developed Creative Law. This came as a result of her discovering that drama negated trauma through a development in consciousness and an understanding that consciousness, energy and space were the three different elements that interacted with one another to create existence and reality. Prior to this Qultura was a quango parent organization created in an attempt to develop Qultura Fringe, then a charitable Fringe theatre based at The Duchess pub in Battersea Park Road and formed in the New Year of 2008, as a registered charity to support people out of social stigma and social exclusion through drama workshops and Fringe productions.

Stella Baker was a mystic and shaman who had gone through training in Therevada (Southern) Buddhism in her teens under a London based Bangladeshi Therevadin master who encouraged her to study mysticism and become a Buddhist shaman, and she wandered through life before becoming a writer and Fringe dramatist, working in Poland and becoming established in Polish alternative theatre where she ran drama workshops for the homeless and people struggling with addiction and mental health issues while writing and directing plays based on social realism. She also trained for a couple of years in the Polish film industry as a scriptwriter working with Polish film director Krzystof Kieslowski in the mid-1990's around the time of his death. Ian 'Fibbo' Fibbens, or Fibbo as he preferred to be called, was a former City trader and session guitarist who went by the nickname The Mad Axeman.

They came together after the failure of Qultura Fringe to develop a sustainable audience at The Duchess pub, primarily due to the fact that the pub was in South London and nowhere near a tube station, but also due to a chronic lack of funding and investment. Stella was in the process of transforming Qultura Fringe into an independent film company and seeing if drama workshops could be given through independent film making. The idea at the time was to approach Wandsworth Council to gain access to Ramport Studios, formerly owned by The Who throughout the late 1960's and 1970's, to run drama workshops through independent film making. This proposal failed due to a lack of interest from Wandsworth Council.

After development of Creative Law in 2009 it was Fibbo who persuaded Stella to focus more on developing Qultura, and not Qultura Fringe, into an empathy-focussed community to create opportunities for people in the community to develop their consciousness through developing creativity and empathy in the local community. Fibbo saw a society driven by linear economic growth and a focus on corporate profit as fundamentally stupid especially when that society existed on a large beautiful islands inhabited by lots of creative people who spoke English as their native language.

He felt that what he described as the Bean Counter Mentality being forced on people in the UK was making people miserable, antisocial, ignorant and argumentative. He also described most politicians as 'mentally constipated fuckwits'. He envisioned what he argued was a much more stable socioeconomic system driven by tourism, creativity and persistent cultural development at local community level. After moving into community space generously provided by a local pest control company on the Sleaford Street Industrial Estate the Qultura community became a small, esoteric anti-authoritarian community primarily focussed on providing showreel materials for professional actors and helping others get into the performing arts, but also seeking ways of supporting the marginalized, socially excluded, stigmatized and others who had been abused by the system.

East and West

"These are the words of my master, keep on telling me
No weak heart shall prosper, oh no they can't, eh
And whosoever shall diggeth a pit
Shall fall it, shall fall in it...."

After the sudden unexpected death of Fibbo from complications of diabetes at the end of 2013 Stella became the figurehead of Qultura Core and the Qultura community. Inspired by the shamanistic direction she had been advised to pursue by Babu, her former Bangladeshi Therevada Buddhist master in London, she sought to create a new role for herself changing the name of her role from Primary Administrator to Core Facilitator, seeking a new role of non-leadership. Qultura, which had morphed out of Qultura Fringe in 2009, and prior to that Project Q, drama workshops for the homeless with an offshoot roots reggae music project with connections to the Marley family for young black musicians, was always all about inspiring the struggling creatives, marginalized, stigmatized and socially excluded to find ways to subvert the social stigma and rise above it through drama and subversion. It was always about finding ways of bringing the creative and the excluded together which was the charitable focus of Qultura Fringe.

After trying and failing twice to become a registered charity to support those affected by social stigma and social exclusion, Stella sought to transform the Qultura community into the empathy-focussed community that Fibbo had always wanted and desired, but never managed to develop himself due to his issues with declining health and his own struggles with alcohol and social exclusion. Using Therevada Buddhism as a pattern or model, she sought to create and develop Qultura methodology as an alternative Western derivative of Buddhism, but based purely on mysticism, Natural Law and the principles of magic and numerology. The roots of Qultura methodology were always developed out of working with the Warsaw homeless in Poland through a previous attempt to create what became Qultura Fringe in Nine Elms at Klub Harenda, a well-known club in the centre of Warsaw as a promise made to the Warsaw homeless community sleeping rough around Warsaw East railway station. In order to preserve Fibbo's legacy from 2015 onwards Stella sought to develop the Qultura community in the same mystical, spiritual and visionary direction it takes today.

Some volunteers weren't happy, insisting that they needed leadership. "Be your own leader, your own messiah, your own guru and walk your own path," responded Stella, "and inspire others to do the same. After all, who is living your life?"

This is the story behind Qultura and how it came to be. Stella remains the Core Facilitator, working with a small number of trustees who form a representative governing body - David Fisher, Charmaine Bourton (creator of the ROSE Community library), Charmaine Peters, Pat Charlesworth and Mark Sweeney. Qultura Core, the central administrative and volunteering hub of Qultura community, is formed out of the original Qultura Core project in London, which started out as Qultura itself, the administrative parent of Qultura Fringe.

Creating change out of what was, into something new, to replace the old with something new but seems the same as the old and follows the same pattern is the essence of both creativity and interaction. This is what Qultura is all about. It's a fascinating process once you get really into it.


Below is where you can find details of our growing list of publications and community resources. Free to download, read and share - for community, non-commercial, non-profit making purposes only - these publications provide more details and much more insight into all aspects of Qultura methodology and its various aspects including universal volunteering.

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to a page where you get a more detailed description of the publication and the option to download it either as an e-book in either EPUB or PDF format. Note that the number of pages where given is based on the PDF version of the e-book.

The Principle and the Process is the original foundation book in all aspects of Qultura methodology. At 129 pages in PDF format, the Principle and the Process is little over half the 224 pages of the Tao Te Ching, to give you some idea.

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If you really want to get into details then 'The Community and the Process' is what you need. At close to 180 pages the Community and the Process goes into a lot of detail not just about Qultura methodology but also the whole system of universal volunteering. But as much as we tried we still couldn't get close to writing anywhere close to the 224 pages of the Tao Te Ching.

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'Nothing right, nothing wrong' is essentially a beginner's guide to Natural Law and karma and should give anyone a solid foundation in understanding what Natural Law and karma is all about. The PDF e-book is 57 pages.

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14 is a foundation in numerology, which is a major form of divination in mysticism. 14 is the fourteen most important numbers in numerology and shows how the exact same mystical principles and truths in numerology are the same as those expressed through the Tarot, astrology, and Buddhist samsara. At 62 pages 14 gives you a solid foundation in scientific numerology.

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Unmind is the eight mystical principles you need to combine to develop a successful Qultura method. At just 39 pages you get the bare bones basic methodology, but please bear in mind that Unmind is the 'way' and just one aspect of the whole methodology. But it's still a lot less than the 224 pages of the Tao Te Ching.

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The 'Flow of Life' is the new induction manual and reference guide to universal volunteering specially written for new volunteers and activists coming into the Qultura community. Only available as a PDf ebook.

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This 65 page ebook goes into detail about the role of trauma and suffering in life, the differences between trauma and suffering, and why you need to let go of the suffering to be able to move past the trauma. This gives you a solid basis in the principles behind our first contact unconditional community support which is why it's required reading for anyone wishing to get involved in community support and strongly recommended for everyone else.

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'Ghostly Hunger' is a new ebook about abuse and addiction which gives a harsh perspective and might make quite uncomfortable reading for some. Abuse destroys conciousness to create space, and when that space is created through abuse deep inside someone it can create a seemingly endless struggle, profound misery and a story of tragedy which creates a living hell out of which some people can only find relief through suicide.

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The Loving Space is a new ebook which is essentially a guide to conscious loving. It's about the inseparability of death, love and life which is presented through chapters filled with a lot of mysticism, numerology, and peppered with a lot of song quotes from classic love songs. Love here isn't just about romantic love, but love in all its many different manifestations.

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