Universal principles

These four universal principles are the second component of Qultura methodology and are essentially the 'core' of the entire methodology. These are what makes Qultura methodology different to any other religion or philosophy out there, because there is nothing you need to believe. Each of the four universal principles are based on a mystical principle and apply equally to anything you can think of. For this reason Qultura methodology is neither a religion or philosophy.

Creative Law

Creative Law

Creative Law is the universal principle of creativity and interaction common to both the universe and Nature.

The universe is the space which contains everything in existence in the present moment. Existence is consciousness which is interactive with space, which is non-existence and therefore reality. If something exists then it must be real, right? Consciousness and space are infinite and cannot be defined, explained, understood or fully known. They simply go on and on and on and on interacting through energy and physicality interminably.

Unlike consciousness and space energy is constant, cannot be created or destroyed, and is always finite and relative to both consciousness and space. This gives us a set of universal principles:

The Core Principles of Existence
  • All existence is manifest through energy and physicality and is unique and individual
  • All existence is relative to everything else in existence and is subject to duality and polarity
  • All existence is cyclical in nature

This also gives us a universal principle about how energy is relative to consciousness and space.

The Energy Spectrum
The closer the connection is between energy and space, the more traumatic the relationship is, and therefore the shorter the wavelength and higher the frequency.
The closer the connection is between energy and consciousness, the more dramatic the relationship is, and therefore the longer the wavelength and lower the frequency.

All existence is fractal in nature and the Energy Spectrum extends beyond the human capability of perception. But to give you some idea of the range solid objects have an extremely close relationship between energy and space, so very short wavelengths and extremely high frequencies. Contrast this with the life cycle of a tree, which is an extremely long wavelength often lasting centuries and therefore an extremely low frequency.

From this we get reincarnation because the life you are living now is just one life cycle in the process of your existence.

Creative Law is always relative to Two in Combined Numerology and Unmind.

Triangular Relationship

The Triangular Relationship

If you watched the short video on our Home Page early in the video you may recall that we defined life as growth and existence in an environment. If you visited our 'About' page you may recall the Tree Example, where we presented a similar tree relative to an environment and mentioned the fact that 'the environment creates the tree, and the tree grows'. In both these cases we were referring to the Triangular Relationship and the mystical transaction.

The Triangular Relationship is therefore the second universal principle of Qultura methodology and specifically relates to the mystical transaction between you and your environment and reality. Existence, which is consciousness, is information, because nothing can exist without giving out information about its existence. However what defines existence is its environment (or context in the abstract) which is always non-existence or space, and thus space defines the reality of consciousness.

The environment creates, the individual grows

From this we can understand that as our existence is always relative to an environment, i.e. the universe, this planet, our natural environment, and society, that all existence is change and all existence is relationship. You are neither the universe nor a society, but an individual who is relative to both. The universe is coming at you constantly in a multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience - everything is happening everywhere all the time. The exact same thing is true of society. You are relative to two different realities:

actual reality
This is your existential reality, relative to both the universe and biological reality. Your physical body is your environment because you are an individual conscious perspective experiencing life through a physical body. The only actual reality you face is death, which is a constant relative to your life. You cannot experience death, simply because you are a conscious perspective relative to a physical body which started out as an ovum in your mother's womb and after your death returns to the planet as biomass, i.e. a corpse.
cultural reality
Your cultural reality is your psycho-physical life experience and that what you learn, experience and remember from your current life experience. This is the reality which, unlike actual reality, is based on human concepts, human thinking, and human imagination. This is the basis of your Ego, your sense of self and your sense of identity or persona. You experience this only once and upon your death whatever hasn't been recorded in your subconsciousness is lost to you forever.
individual reality
This is made up from your individual and unique experience of the two different aforementioned realities.

The Triangular Relationship is always relative to Three in Combined Numerology and Unmind.

Principle and process

The Principle and the Process

This is the foundation universal principle which is relative to the other three universal principles and is a way of seeing yourself and others as you are in reality. It also highlights the fundamental difference between consciousness and energy (physicality). You have a Principle and Process the same as everyone and everything else in existence. The Principle and Process are one and the same thing but existence is a principle and creativity and interaction is a process which is manifest through energy and physicality.

Therefore the Principle and Process are indivisible and make up your individuality and uniqueness relative to the entire human species.

If you're new to all this and unfamiliar with Qultura methodology this might be the most challenging of the four basic universal principles for you to understand because it is based entirely on non-duality, which if you're from a culture which is based on Western social and cultural values is probably a new concept, but not if you're from an Asian background or culture which is based on Buddhism, Hinduism or Sikhism. If you're from a Western background you've probably been conditioned to believe that your Ego or sense of selfhood is who you really are. This isn't true. Your Ego is just your extremely narrow focus of conscious attention which is just a tiny fraction of your Principle, and in Qultura methodology your Principle is your sum total of consciousness from all of your existence including all your past lives.

What this means is that just like a fragment of a hologram is a microcosm of the whole picture, you are a microcosm of the entire universe. Your mind is space, your Principle is your consciousness in the present moment, and your life, your sensory nervous system and your thinking and feeling processes is the physicality and energy through which you develop your consciousness from the sensations and experiences of life and living existence coming at you from your environment and reality (as defined in the Triangular Relationship).

The importance of being real

It's important to understand that you are as enlightened as you're ever going to be in the present moment and the source of your enlightenment doesn't come from anywhere outside you, but comes from within you, from your Principle, and is manifest as individual truth. However hopefully you will recall from the Triangular Relationship that the environment creates, the individual grows. This means that you can only ever figure out your individual truth (all reality from within is truth, because truth can only be relative to a Principle and individual conscious perspective) through Primary Social Interaction (next universal principle) and participating proactively in a community, which is how the Qultura community is relative to Qultura methodology.

Life and living existence in itself has no purpose or meaning. It just is. Life is a dramatic response to the trauma of death, which means that death, life and love are also indivisible and just different aspects of the same conscious experience of existence. However it's not possible to live without being relative to everything else on the planet that's living, including other human beings and relative to them you are part of their environmental reality.

Therefore the only thing you really need to focus on in life is being real and that means being totally committed to walking your walk, talking your talk and living your truth. A tree is naturally a tree. It doesn't need to be taught how to be a tree, because it is naturally a tree and is better at being a tree than say a human, a dog or a cat. The exact same principle applies to you. You are naturally you. You don't need to be taught how to be you, you simply are.

The Principle and Process is always relative to Four in Combined Numerology and Unmind.

Primary social interaction

Primary social interaction

Primary social interaction is the universal principle which governs how you choose to interact with your environment. As you can only express yourself creatively through energy, i.e. physical means it governs all aspects of life and living existence; thinking, feeling, expressing emotions, how you choose to communicate and interact with your environment and others, and also whether or not you choose to resolve your karma or not, allowing it to build and come back on you. Therefore Primary Social Interaction is also very much about the actions, reactions and interactions you choose to initiate or become involved in.

Qultura is not designed to be a method for you to follow because it is assumed that you already know how to be a human being and understand that you are relative to the universe, this planet, a natural environment, everything that lives in a natural environment, just as you understand that you are also aware that you are relative to a culture, a society, a community and other people and you are also aware that you are consciously experiencing what we all agree can be defined as life. You are not a puppet, an automaton, or a low-functioning imbecile but are a highly evolved member of a primate species capable of evolving much faster and far more consciously than many other species in the plant and animal kingdom.

How consciously do you really want to live?

Qultura methodology has been specially developed over a number of years to make it possible for anyone to learn the basic principles of mysticism, numerology and magic so as to be able to quickly and efficiently transform one's state of consciousness in a short period of time and figure out how to live consciously on the basis of their own unique and individual experiences of life, to be able to explore, experiment, learn and discover through the Qultura community and social interaction with others so they can create their own unique vision of what they want their life to be all about.

Irrespective of who you are and what your life has been about up until now, we assume that you would prefer an experience of life which is based on balance, flow, equilibrium and harmony focussed around doing what you love and a loving relationship with your environment and community rather than a miserable life experience which is based on more physical experiences of fear, isolation, conflict, drudgery, struggle, and having to do the same things over and over and over again day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out. We hope you can understand that Ego is just a societal role you play and an Ego-driven life experience only serves to make your life harder as you get older and much more of a struggle.

Your life is a finite amount of time and energy

You are no different to a light bulb. Your life is a finite amount of time and energy and life, love and death are the three core components of your existence and are indivisible. Time is the one thing you can never get back, and death being the only reality you face is something you will never experience. So this leaves life and love as the only two possible conscious experiences you can have. Primary social experience is the universal principle which governs unmind. Unmind is based on the understanding that you develop consciousness far more efficiently through your heart than your mind, so developing a Qultura method through unmind is all about learning to sense and feel your way through life rather than thinking and believing your way through life. Your thinking processes are far too fragmented to develop consciousness effectively, yet you perceive time through your heart without any thinking - hence unmind.

Developing a Qultura method is therefore based on developing your creativity, developing empathy through social interaction with others in community, developing mindfulness and discipline through creative self-expression, and seeking out as many opportunities for pleasure, happiness, love, fun and enjoyment both for yourself and other people in the community.

Primary social interaction is always relative to Four in Combined Numerology and Unmind.