Qultura methodology

Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is all you need to know and understand about anything and everything in existence - the principle and the process. You have a principle and process. Everyone has a principle and process. Everything has a principle and process. Qultura methodology is based on the concept of the principle and process.

Qultura methodology is a set of mystical principles developed by the surviving co-founder of Qultura, Stella Baker, who is a mystic and shaman, between 2009 and 2014. It's considered by some to be very similar to Taoism and the Tao Te Ching, and is a similar method of enquiry to both Taoism and Buddhism in that it is developed to promote mindfulness and development of conscious awareness.

However unlike these other methods Qultura cannot be considered to be a complete method for anyone to follow, and is not designed to be - in its source form - a method to be followed by anyone. It is essentially the most essential mystical principles stripped down and arranged into four basic components:

The first component is Natural Law, and a fairly simplified interpretation of Natural Law, which is considered the essential mystical principles of existence and being throughout the world among mystics. This is the longest component of the four components.

Universal principles is the second component and the simplest, based on four universal principles affecting human existence, Creative Law, the Triangular Relationship, the Principle and the Process and Primary Social Interaction.

Combined numerology is the third component and the most symbolic giving you the most essential and significant numbers with their mystical principles.

Unmind is the fourth component and the most practical as it is also the magical component essential for dream weaving practice and includes the two simple rituals which form the basis of Unmind and dream weaving.

All Qultura methods are developed from source

What you have are the basic, bare bones mystical principles presented across four components. It's not the same as a religious belief or a system such as Buddhism or Taoism where you need a teacher or figure of spiritual authority to explain it to you. You have to figure it all out for yourself which is the whole point of the Qultura community. It's even fairly explicitly pointed out to you that everyone and everything has a unique and individual principle and process. If everyone was required to follow the same method, as what happens with any religion, or a system such as Buddhism, you end up sooner or later with an ideology and a belief system. When you have an ideology of belief system sooner or later you end up with a conflict and divisions between people.

This doesn't happen with Qultura. Qultura is designed to work in the following way:

You do this in your own time in your own way, either through the 'Principle and the Process' e-book or via these webpages or video. This part is intended for self-study. The premise here is that if you have an idea of how everything in existence and the environment works according to basic principles, you can then figure out your own Principle and Process and start developing your own Qultura methods.

You develop your Qultura method(s) out of your own individual perspective and life experience. Understand that you have been born into a life with a certain karma to work out. You are not without your struggles and your challenges. Nobody understands the process of your whole life better than you do, because you have powerful memory and can remember back to early childhood. You know what you find difficult, what you struggle with, and if you meditate on this a while you should be able to figure out what experiences you need to go through and what insights you need from others to make your process easier. But how prepared or willing are you to walk your own unique path through life?

When you understand that only you can know the process of your life from your earliest memories, and nobody understands your life better than you do, perhaps then you will understand that you can gain insight from any other human being on the planet. We all have insights we can share with others from our own life experiences. We all know stuff that many other people do not. Words are powerful. Very powerful. Consider that an entire process of life experience can be changed or even transformed from a single statement or even a brief conversation.

Qultura methodology is based on mysticism

If there is something which is mysterious or you are not consciously aware of, that is mysticism from your individual perspective.

Qultura methodology is not designed to be an ideology or belief system, but a tool which anyone can use to get to the truth and reality of their individual life experience. It is compatible with any religion, because religion can only take you so far. At some point you have to stop believing and start understanding.