Welcome to Qultura Core CIC

What is Qultura Core CIC?

In becoming a new official Community Interest Community (CIC) and because we do things differently Qultura Core CIC is a modern UK derivative of Chinese Confucianism, developed around 630 BC by Chinese philosopher Confucius. Qultura is a community based derivative of Therevada Buddhism, and so Qultura Core CIC serves as both the core of the community and its Confucian administration..

What is Qultura?

Qultura is a new modern derivative of Therevada Buddhism which serves as a method of enquiry for people to figure out their reality, existence, life and existential being. However while very similar to Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching Qultura is neither of these systems and is a completely new system based on its own universal principles. It is a lot simpler and more straightforward than both Buddhism and Taoism and much more modern.

Figure out where you stand

"Society is a balance between the empathy of the wealthy and the creativity of the poor."
Stella Baker, founder of Qultura

This is still the same founding principle, i.e. that of culture belonging to the people in the local community which we started out with in 2009. We know exactly where we stand. How about you?

Get involved in change through our Figure of Eight partnership

The Qultura Core CIC universal volunteering system is fully self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating.


About this role

A Community Volunteer is part of Community Development. You can help to develop the Qultura community through mentoring and guidance on our community Message Board, through helping to develop, maintain and create community projects and through administration and supporting others. Please click About this role for more info.


About this role

A Community Activist is part of Community Outreach. You can help develop the Qultura community through 'spreading the word', finding people, networking with different organizations, leading Q and A sessions and giving talks and presentations, posting on social media and so on and so forth. Please click About this role for more info.


About this role

This is our supported volunteer role, though you don't actually need to do any volunteering to be able to reverse your participation. You reverse your participation if you're struggling with trauma, with social issues such as social stigma, social exclusion, and you need support from a community and others. Please click About this role for more info.


Support through space

This is for local authorities, local government departments and other organizations who can support us through the provision of access to community space where we can develop Qultura community projects and give people free and easy access to the Qultura community. Please click on the image or title for more details.


Supporting us generally

This is for organizations, businesses and individuals outside the Qultura community who wish to support Qultura Core CIC and our community and through this people in local communities. We offer possibly the simplest, most effective and most economical means of overcoming social stigma and social exclusion. Please click on the image or title for more details.


Long term stable support

This is for organizations, corporations and businesses who wish to become Qultura patrons and provide effective long term support to people who are either developing their individual creativity or overcoming serious traumatic life experiences. You can be a cultural patron, a community patron or both. Please click on the image or title for more details.

The Principle and the Process

The Principle and the Process is a book by Qultura co-founder Stella Baker which includes:

  • a new way of looking at yourself, life and other people
  • a foundation in Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship
  • an in depth perspective of mysticism and creativity
  • detailed chapters on mindfulness, karma, choices and consequences
  • a comprehensive insight into the processes behind empathy

Written from the individual perspective of a modern urban shaman, The Principle and Process doesn't tell you what to think and believe, but gives you lots of insights on how you can figure out your own Principle and Process based on your own perspective and life experience.


Available free of charge under a Creative Commons 3.0 (Attribution) licence for expressly non-commercial, personal, private, individual use you can view and download a free copy here and if it benefits you - you don't have to - you can share it with friends and family.