The Devil

What is Qultura?

Qultura has been created to be one of the easiest and simplest ways you can use to liberate yourself from your Ego and the false illusions of separateness and division which plague human society and create a new lifestyle based entirely on your individual truth and individual life style and life experience.

Qultura is one of three things - a complete methodology, a community, and a 'Core' volunteering and activist hub of the community. Qultura methodology is based entirely on mysticism and has just four components; Natural Law, universal principles, combined numerology and Unmind. The complete methodology is an e-book of less than 100 pages. Above you get pretty much the complete methodology in less than 15 minutes in a short slideshow presentation. After learning the methodology all you need to do is create and develop two simple magic rituals, one in the community and the other on your own.

All trauma and suffering arise out of separateness and division.

This is the foundation premise of Qultura methodology. If this sounds to you like Buddhism, it's probably because Qultura methodology was developed out of Therevada (Southern) Buddhism by one of the co-founders, former Buddhist scholar Stella Baker, but instead of telling you to meditate and follow an Eightfold Path Qultura methodology assumes that you're smart enough to be able to figure out your own individual truth and how to live. Instead, through Qultura methodology you can learn about the fairly simple relationships between consciousness, energy and space.

The roots of your misery, suffering and struggles all lie in your Ego.

The Ego is a social construct, a concept, something which is used to socialize you from early childhood through a process of mental and social conditioning, education, and upbringins so make you easier to deal with once you reach adulthood. It's a traumatic and necessary process which we are all put through to prepare us for life in the Real World.

But once you've reached adulthood and have established yourself in the Real World by being able to prove to others that you can string a sentence together, hold down a job, and earn money there's nothing to stop you from continuing the process of evolving past your Ego and developing a new lifestyle where you stop role playing your way through life and start becoming a real human being. You know? Talk your talk, walk your walk and actually live your individual truth.

Are you for real? Or are you just a player like so many other people?

Life for most people in the UK (and many other countries) amounts to nothing more than participation in a real life version of the board game Monopoly. There are a few differences. Firstly not everybody gets the same amount of money each time they pass Go. Secondly, the banker changes each time the Government changes and quite often so too do the rules of the game. Finally unlike the board game, we were never given the choice as to whether we wanted to participate and play or not. But we all play along anyway, and round and round we all go, struggling to get whatever we can to pass Go just so we can continue playing, and constantly shitting ourselves over the possibility that we land on those big red hotels on either Park Lane or Mayfair.

But life is not a board game. Life is real.

The Ego is a concept, a social construct, a role you play.

The Ego is developed for the comfort and convenience of other people - the Government, other institutions, organizations, corporations, employers, and anyone else who asks you security questions each time you call them. The Ego is just an arbitrary societal standard based on who you should be and aspire to in order to be regarded as a Good Model Citizen and be deserving of Widespread Social Respectability. It comes with a lot of other concepts and illusions which you're taught are real but which aren't as well as a false sense of separateness to make you feel small, isolated, alienated, vulnerable, and often lonely and marginalized.

But you are not a concept. You are not a social construct. You are a real, living human being among many other real, living human beings on a real living planet.

Now you don't have to live up to your Ego. You have a choice.

Did you see The Devil, the Tarot card above which symbolizes who or what you serve in life? The Devil is a symbol of external authority - an ideology, a belief system, God, the Government, a political leader, or something you might be addicted to such as money, alcohol, crack cocaine, porn, shopping, or attention through social media. We all have our vices and our dark side, don't we?

But this doesn't change the fact - and here it really doesn't matter who you are or what your background is - that we all have our humanity, our individual truth, our individual stories, narratives, individual experiences of life and a unique and individual perspective on life. We all have value, we all have things which we can share with other people - our warmth, our humanity, or kindness, our interests, our passions, the things which make us different and set us apart from most other people. It's through these things we offer our greatest gifts to other people and is what makes us attractive and interesting to other people.

See how loose the chains are around the neck of the man and the woman in The Devil Tarot card above. You have a choice you're free to make anytime you like.

It costs you nothing to develop a Qultura method

Qultura has been developed in the public interests to give everyone in a community or society equal opportunity and access to opportunities to evolve past their Ego and develop a new lifestyle based on their humanity, individual perspective on life and individual truth. You can do this free from cost and any financial obligation and you can also develop a Qultura method completely free from ideology and belief systems, being told what to think and believe, and other associated bullshit and nonsense.

As both magic rituals which you develop through Primary Social Interaction - one through community and one you do on your own, all you really need to do is to register and sign up on our community message board which you can access for free on this website. That's where everything starts. We're in the process of rebuilding the community so we're directing everyone to join our community message board, introduce themselves and start connecting with others as they appear to get to know one another and start the process of developing and building an empathy-focussed community of people who want to be real and live their individual truth.

Two final things

The first thing is, as the whole point of developing a Qultura method is to develop consciousness and start living your individual truth as quickly as is humanly possible for you, you need to focus as much as possible on anything which brings you new consciousness - social interaction, reading, listening to music, watching movies, art, music, drama, photography, creative writing, poetry, making friends, meeting people, developing empathy, developing your creative skills, having fun, volunteering through the community, supporting others through volunteering and activism, and anything else which promotes the acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of life.

Secondly, and just as importantly - developing a Qultura method requires complete and total self-acceptance and acceptance of others, including all our stuff, and accepting yourself for who you and accepting others for who they really are. You cannot develop a Qultura method if you're mentally and emotionally conflicted over emotional baggage that you're carrying around from somewhere in your past - which no longer exists. So before you do register on our community message board - make sure that you give yourself a clean slate and come into this prepared to make a completely fresh start.

This is the Qultura Core website for people interested in volunteering and activism to help develop the Qultura community through our unique universal volunteering system., If you're just interested in interacting on our community message board and getting involved in our community projects, you need to be on the Qultura website (link in bottom right hand corner of the footer).

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