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If you don't ask, you don't get

We are currently small and rebuilding almost from scratch after the COVID pandemic and lockdowns. We are the core of the Qultura community through which people have completely free access to come into our community to develop a Qultura method. Developing a Qultura method is created to overcome the illusion of separateness and overcome suffering as quickly as possibly so that traumatized people can begin the process of healing and recovery and get their lives back together.

We're seeking a large number of community volunteers and activists

We're seeking a very large number of community volunteers and activists to help us develop and establish the Qultura community. Currently almost all volunteering and activist opportunities are virtual and online, being centred around a Community Message Board. What we are looking to do is to build a large social environment of different people who are friendly open-minded, non-judgmental, and supportive to establish an extensive community support network. We need this social environment and network to be easily accessible, approachable and genuinely supportive so that those who are experiencing trauma, suffering and struggling feel confident enough to turn to us.

To illustrate the need for such a community as our's let's throw out some statistics to give you some idea:

  • 28 adults in the UK commit suicide every day with three men committing suicide for every woman.
  • A child commits suicide in the UK every six weeks.
  • For every successful suicide, there's between 24-30 attempted suicides, mainly arising out of mental health issues and benefits issues.
  • In 2009 there were 42,000 homeless people in the UK. Today that number is closer to 350,000.
  • Every 2 hours someone in London loses their home and gets thrown out onto the streets. There's roughly 4,000 rough sleepers in London
  • In the UK there's believed to be an incident of domestic violence every 1-2 minutes.
  • Approximately 35% of the adult population in the UK struggle with a mental health issue.

Are you getting some idea of just how big an issue separateness is in society and just how much suffering is normalized in our society?

The Qultura community is created specially and specifically to give anyone and everyone the opportunity to develop their own unique Qultura method out of Qultura methodology - completely free of charge, without ideology, without needing to follow a method, an ideology, or organized belief system. While very heavily based on delivering first contact unconditional community support on a login, walk-in basis, the Qultura community is designed to be developed through the creation and development of many different local community projects across a wide range of different affinity groups and cultural interests.

Qultura methodology advocates taking a very direct approach to developing consciousness through connection to environment and community, primary social interaction, development of creativity, mindfulness, discipline and empathy, creation of new culture, creation of constant opportunities, development of stronger more inclusive communities and through this developing consciousness through natural human evolution.

Trust is fundamental in the Qultura community

We exist in a universe that is predicated on harmony, balance and equilibrium. Nature functions on the exact same principle and throughout Nature, as throughout the universe everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything else. It's only in human society where there is so much conflict, aggressiveness, violence, cruelty, authoritarianism, inhumanity, selfishness, and indifference all of which arises out of belief in separateness and domination culture.

In the Qultura community there is no hierarchy, no power dynamics, zero domination culture because the whole point of being part of the community is to develop a Qultura method and connect to environment and community. This requires an act of trust and a willingness to give up control to other, focus on connections and empathy, and just go with the flow.

Learning how to enjoy life is an urgent social and environmental necessity

Currently most people seem to be caught up in a traumatic process of destroying their natural environment and society through developing various ideologies, belief systems, conspiracy theories, and seem all too focussed on finding scapegoats and people to blame for the endless social and political divisions that plague every aspect of our society. Everybody wants to explain, everybody wants to influence, everybody wants to protest, everybody wants to argue and too few people are willing to seek peace, compromise, reach agreement, or work together. The recent COVID pandemic is a clear example of this.

Qultura methodology is not about seeking enlightenment through meditation and contemplation. You're already enlightened. You can see everything around you turning to shit, so what is there to meditate and contemplate about? Qultura methodology is very heavily predicated on social interaction and proactively seeking out opportunities for pleasure, fun, happiness, enjoyment, and non-conformity both for yourself and others.

Qultura is an empathy focussed community

Developing a Qultura method is all about connecting to environment and community as naturally as is humanly possible. This cannot happen without development of empathy. Empathy is the most widely accessible natural resource on the planet existing throughout the animal and plant kingdom, it's completely free of charge, and developing empathy is the most important life skill you could ever learn, because your life revolves around connecting to other people (unless you're determined to live life locked away in your utility cupboard)

This means that we develop a real close-knit community of individual people who are somehow connected to one another either through things they need, interests they share, or even just because they want to belong to and participate in an alternative community where people always manage to get along with one another. There is no separateness or stigma in the way we mutually support one another, because we all deep down have experienced difficult times and know what suffering, struggling and being isolated and alone feels like.

The three base roles of universal volunteering

Universal volunteering is based on three base roles:

  • community volunteers who develop the community, the infrastructure, Community Message Board, develop community projects, and manage the administration and resources
  • community activists who engage with the wider community, promote and raise the awareness of the Qultura community, network, connect to other organizations, gather resources, and bring new people into the community
  • reverse participants, who are people who have reversed their participation in the community because they're dealing with trauma and suffering and need community support from others both within and outside our community

It doesn't matter who you are, what you need or what you want to do, i.e. the specifics, usually it will fit in with one of these three base roles.

Get the full picture up front

If you're serious about volunteering or activism in a new way and being involved in activities which are going to be worthwhile and significant both to you and to us then you need to know the complete picture up front, and get to know the specifics and what is possible.

View and download our free books

There are two free books which are required reading for anyone seriously wishing to join our community through the volunteering system:

The Community and the Process
This is the extended version of 'The Principle and the Process', which is the foundation book in all aspects of Qultura methodology. 'The Community and the Process' is an extended version which not only gives you the foundation of all aspects of Qultura methodology, but also complete details of the universal volunteering system all in one book. This book also serves as a self-study mystical reference for both Qultura methodology and universal volunteering. The PDF version is 129 pages long and covers everything.
Hurting - the role of trauma and suffering in life
'Hurting' (it's shorter title) gives you a solid understanding of the differences between trauma and suffering and what role they play in our lives. The PDF version is 65 pages, roughly half the length of 'The Community and the Process'.

Together both books serve as a self-study induction process as there's no interviewing or training involved. If you've read both books you should have enough awareness and understanding of our community to get involved and start volunteering.

There's two ways of getting involved in universal volunteering

You can get involved in our universal volunteering system in one of two ways:

  • by responding to one of our external opportunities listed on sites such as Do IT and LinkedIn
  • directly by completing a Role Proposal Form and attaching it to an email telling us what you want to do

Either way is just as good. If you're not sure and would like to send us an email first asking questions about a specific role then that's fine too. You do you. It's all good.

How to get involved in universal volunteering - step by step

This is guidance intended for anyone who is new to Qultura methodology, our community or universal and is becoming involved for the very first time. What you will need up front amounts to little more than an open mind, the ability to develop empathy, an internet connection and a willingness to read and communicate. The central volunteering environment is our Community Message Board, emials for important stuff, Slack for agreed upon tasks, meetings and stuff, virtual meetings on Zoom or Skype, plus the additional option of Whatsapp.

If you're doing this for the first time ever please ensure you complete all steps. Nobody is going to run after you, chase after you, tell you what to do, or give you a job description. We don't have the resources, the time or the energy. Universal volunteering means either figuring out things for yourself or asking questions until you get the right info.

1. Read both books
This is fundamental before anything else. We need conscious, informed volunteers and activists who won't go blind or unprepared into a situation.
2. Join the community
This means registering on our Community Message Board and filling out your profile with at least some information about who you are, where you're based and some interests. Please also read the stuff in the Administration at the top, especially about Posting Guidelines and Community Standards. Our Community Standards differ quite radically from the wider community. If you're smart enough you'll start a thread to introduce yourself to the community and start posting, checking out any volunteering needs to see if they match up with what you can do.
If you're seeking community support you can start a thread in Qultura Fallback (our community support project) telling the community what situation you're having issues with and what kind of support you need.
3. Figure out what you want to do.
You can browse our external listings on Do IT, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, to get some idea of what we need. Always remember that you're not applying for a volunteering opportunity so you don't need to necessarily meet all the criteria listed. If you can only do some stuff but not other stuff it's okay. Probably someone else can do the other stuff. Internally we post specific tasks as needs rather than complete roles. If you already know what you want to do or are seeking specific experience or a specific role you can skip this step and move on to the next step.
4. View and download a copy of our Role Proposal Form below
5. Create your role proposal (email)
Similar to a cover letter in a job application but much more freestyle, write to us about your experience, skills, aptitudes, interests, stuff you're passionate about, stuff you enjoy, things which you really enjoy doing and so on. If there's something you want to change in your community, make people more aware of, or you're seeking some other change please feel free to write about that. If you've got some insight or awareness about a speciifc social issue, such as mental health stigma, addiction, homelessness, disability, immigration, and want to be able to support such people please also write about that as well. If you're seeking to reverse your participation in our community then please write about your situation, your circumstances, your issues, and what community support you feel you need and want.
6. Please label your proposal for our Inbox
Please remember to attach your Role Proposal Form to your role proposal email. Please make it easier for our Recruitment Team by putting [Your] [Name] [Desired] [Role] Role Proposal in the subject line if you're proposal a voluteering or activist role, or [Your] [Name] Reverse Participation Role Proposal if you're seeking community support.
7. Introduce yourself to the community
Using your Role proposal as a basis create a thread to introduce yourself to the community on the appropriate discussion boards. There's two, and it's perfectly okay to copy and paste and cross post. When you've invited to join Slack please do the same thing either on #general or in specific channels or both. Just as long as you're visible to other members of the community and they can easily figure out who you are and what you're about.
8. Set up your Community Message Board administrative privileges/status.
Message the Global Moderator to set up your administrative privileges and status so you can create special boards and participate in moderation and granting rights to other members who volunteer with you.
9. Start getting to know other members, networking and defining/creating your role.
Generally, volunteering isn't an activity you do all by yourself without any interaction with anyone else, is it? Obviously you're going to need to be doing stuff with other people and so you will need to get to know and connect to other people either to make friends or because you need thm to do stuff so that you can do your thing. Feel free to post to other threads, message people, get to know them, share experiences, share ideas, experiment, try out different stuff, meet up, but interact and put some time into social interaction with others. If we're going to be a support community to others then we need to be a strong, happy, connected and supportive community within ourselves.
Volunteer when you want, how you want, as often or as little as you want
Currently as almost all roles are virtual and online volunteering is primarily a case of logging into the Community Messsage Board, creating threads and posts, discussions, getting to know one another, exchanging messages, setting up and sharing tasks, developing the Message Board and through this developing the community. Any meetings and tasks are arraged and completed by mutual arrangeement and mutual consent. There's no set hours, no set ways of doing stuff. You're free to volunteer when and how you want. Just make sure to enjoy the experience.

  The Role Proposal Form