How to support the Qultura community

This webpage is the central webpage with information about how to support the Qultura community. Specifically on this webpage we've skipped the brief overview video part to present a video about the very real and existential environmental crisis we human beings are facing right now. This should, in under 4 minutes, make it very clear why we don't support the Climate Change Agenda and why we are seeking to create a whole new approach to dealing with environmental and social issues. We have no wish to alarm you, but the fact remains that we could be just one global pandemic away from human extinction. How you deal with this truth is down to you.

Just like our 'About page' we present everything in detail. You read or learn as much as you need to so as to become aware and understand what you feel you need to know. Then if you're interested in pledging your support to our community and in particular the poorest, weakest, sickest, marginalized and excluded members of the wider local community, simply click on the button below.

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Supporting the Qultura community

How to support the Qultura community


Subversion of the whole 'green' climate change agenda

At the 9th 'Future Visioning' conference organized by the Wandsworth Council Arts Team in August 2020 Stella Baker, the founder of the Qultura community and mystic who has spent 12 years developing Qultura methodology, spoke of the need for empathy and political reform as being central to both cultural development and development of the arts while seeking to address the environmental issue of climate change.

So where are we now, today? How are we doing?

We can tell you how we're doing collectively with regard to our growing number of social, economic, environmental and political problems. Let's be direct and honest about it and not beat around the bush here. How about a simple four letter word?


In our society, British society, an estimated 28 adults commit suicide every single day. That's people across all ages. For every woman who commits suicide three men commit suicide. A child commits suicide every six weeks or so if we're to believe official ONS figures. This is double the 2018 estimates of 14 adults a day. In London alone over a 100 people commit suicide publicly every year. Roughly 50 people, one person a week, throw themselves onto the electrified tracks on London Underground. Slightly more than 50 opt for drowning, throwing themselves off a bridge in Central London into the River Thames. The three RNLI lifeboat crews on the tidal Thames are the busiest lifeboat crews in the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland. They're so busy lifeboat crew members on the Thames have to be paid.

These are just the successful suicides, not attempted suicides. We estimate that for every actual suicide, there can be as many as 25-30 suicide attempts. This is just one issue. We'll throw in another as a bonus - homelessness. CHAIN statistics. There's apparently around 350,000 people without a home in the UK. In London someone loses their home and gets tossed out onto the street every 2 hours or so. So for all that talk about climate change it's just talk. Nothing more. Truth is as a nation we're not very environmentally friendly at all. We'll skip the so-called 'hostile environment'. Those of you behind its creation and perpetration know who you are. You made those decisions knowing full well that many people would suffer as a result, and you didn't give a shit. You went ahead and did it anyway. You can talk about 'One Nation' all you like, but many of us are well aware those words are empty and meaningless. You can think about this while you're enjoying your Christmas turkey in your nice warm house while millions out there are shivering, left out in the cold, freezing and hungry, knowing that even if they buy food or put more gas on the meter, they're still going to be suffering.

All trauma and suffering arises out of separateness and division Our guiding principle

This is the foundation premise of Qultura methodology. Qultura methodology is based on Natural Law, mysticism, magic and numerology. The Tree Example. Qultura Core is a new type of mystical resource creating opportunities to give anyone completely free access to Qultura methodology and opportunities to develop their own Qultura method through involvement in our developing Qultura community. Completely free access. No money required. No ideology or belief system involved. No societal obligation or conditionality.

Everything is run as a community in the public interest on the basis of Qultura methodology. The Qultura community is an empathy-focussed community but the primary focus of Qultura Core right now is squarely on developing an online support community of volunteers and activists who can form a social environment of friendly, open-minded, non-judgmental and supportive people from different backgrounds who can deliver first contact unconditional community support. We don't have a 'solution' or even a mission statement because we're not running as an organization, but a community. We have nothing more than a consistent approach to the various social, environmental, economic and political issues out there. This approach is neatly encapsulated in the 1987 Tears for Fears song "Sowing the Seeds of Love" and is based on something we all know and understand as a four letter word.


Here we're referring to actual love, the word that sums up the conscious experience of existence and - if you're enlightened enough - understand to be a synonym of life and something that requires a constant conscious connection to both your natural and social environment. Qultura, the methodology, the community, and the volunteering and activist community known as Qultura Core, is all about giving people unlimited opportunities to develop their own Qultura method and manner of conscious living.

So far we're supported by one local authority - Wandsworth Council - a local authority which is actually making some effort to become greener. We've twice reached out to the Government, and twice been refused, officially, in writing. Okay. This isn't a problem to us. We deal in mysticism and consciousness, not politics. We don't need any political agenda. We do our own thing in our own way and leave everybody else to fight it out amongst themselves for attention and profit trying to sell stuff for people to consume - products, services, political beliefs, ideologies, conspiracy theories and the various charitable causes.

Promoting greater acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of environment and life

"Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak."

--Laozi, "Tao Te Ching"

Let's start with an activity we all do all the time, night and day, 24 hours a day, every day of our lives from birth right through to death - breathing.

We assume that you understand that you need air in an environment with which to breathe constantly, right? We also assume that you understand that breathing is a physical activity that you need to do just to be able to live and be conscious, yes? How long can you hold your breath for? How long do you expect to be able to live without breathing? We assume that you understand that breathing is an activity which comes natural to you and that in order to breathe properly, you need to breathe out just as much as you breathe in, right?

We also assume that you appreciate being able to breathe, right? Do you enjoy being alive? Being able to wake up in the morning? We also assume that you can appreciate that we all need air to be able to breathe, right? You understand that all life forms need air to breathe on this planet, right?

So why does it seem that so many of you are unable to apply the exact same level of acceptance, appreciation and understanding to your social environment?

Let's throw out one more example here to make this even clearer. Let's say you go for a walk somewhere among trees, such as the park, a forest, some woods. You look at the trees, and you just accept them and appreciate them.

You don't stand there thinking "How can I make money out of these trees?" Or do you? Do you ever stand there thinking "This tree doesn't belong here. It needs to be replanted in another country." Or do you walk through the park or woods pointing at the trees and pointing out which trees are stupid, which trees are ugly, which trees are too fat, which trees are more beautiful, and which trees are lazy because they're not working? No, you simply accept the trees as they are and you appreciate them. Right?

So why can't many of you apply the same principles to other human beings? What is wrong with you? This is where we have the issue in British society right now. This is not a Third World country. We have the resources, we have plenty of money out there. We have a system of universal healthcare which is worthy of pride and we have also have a pretty decent welfare benefit system, lots of technology, plenty of space. Our native language is English, one of the more popular second languages on the planet.

But what we also have is a surplus of the wrong people in positions of power and authority. This is what is messing everything up. There is a widespread culture in this country of what can only be described as mental and emotional constipation and this applies especially to our political culture which can be neatly and accurately summed up in its entirety by this Depeche Mode song from 1983. Everything that is wrong with our political system can be neatly summed up in just two words - Universal Credit. Our politicians generally spend too much time living in the past (specifically the 1980's) and giving each other and everyone else far too much lip and attitude, and nowhere near enough time and attention focussing on trying to address the vast multitude of social, environmental and economic issues or working together to at least try to govern this country for the benefit of everyone living in it. We're not being partisan here. Political parties in this country are all as pathetic as one another. Maybe instead of trying to find ways of combining climate change with Thatcherism and Reaganomics you all need to get back to basics and spend more time getting your shit together. You're the politicians, politics is your job, not our's not anyone else's. For the amount of time you all talk about jobs and work, many of you seem profoundly incapable of doing your job.

Moving on swiftly to conclude this part and tab

We're hoping that what we're seeking to do is obvious to at least some of you, and some of you are more enlightened and 'get it' and are also in decision-making positions in banks, businesses, local government departments, the civil service, and other organizations in the non-profit and charitable sectors. We are a newly developing mystical community resource - a methodology and community - primarily focussed on delivering first contact unconditional community support to the many traumatized, suffering members of local communities.

We don't want to get involved in the political situation in this country. We want to focus on mysticism, promoting a greater acceptance, appreciation and enjoyment of life, and to create a social environment which is friendly, open-minded, non-judgmental and supportive, to which anyone in a local community can easily turn to so as to find support to let go of the suffering and misery and move into a situation where they can heal, recover and grow from whatever trauma they've experienced.

For this to work, we're going to need a support network of various organizations who can provide the practical, material and financial support that comes much easier from an organization rather than our mystical community. Please bear in mind that our message here isn't "Please donate - we need your money" but is somewhat more nuanced than that. Through our community and community support volunteers we've created a system of pledges of support and community appeals, so primarily we're looking to hear from organizations who would be willing to honour our community appeals so that we can signpost those who need community support and have created a community appeal with specific needs towards a specific organization.

Please keep in mind that our focus is on cooperation rather than competition. Just like breathing we see this as a partnership of give and take - we deal with the mysticism, and the multi-dimensional aspects of suffering and misery which organizations have a hard time dealing with, and you, the organizations, deal with the practical, material, financial, professional and clinical matters of community support where as organizations you're far more competent and experienced than we are.

The way we envisage this is a change in culture where we can work together in harmony to provide something new of value to many people in local communities. Please click on the next tab if you're interested in learning more.

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"Ooh a storm is threatening
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Ooh yeah I'm gonna fade away.."

It's really difficult to know where to begin here. This is a case of us going to back to what worked and starting from there. In our case this was in the aftermath of the riots in the UK in 2011 when we reached out to Wandsworth Council offering our support and over time we worked out a kind of relationship or partnership where we work separately but towards the same common objective of development of culture in local communities. Earlier this year we were asked to focus much more on community support so we've recently gone through a transformation of everything to focus on just one community project - Qultura Fallback through which, as a consequence of COVID and the subsequent lockdowns we've decided to expand our community and opportunities to develop a Qultura method much further and far wider than ever before - nationally, maybe even internationally. Who knows?

What we're trying to avoid at all costs, if at all possible, is more civil unrest and rioting. But all the social, environmental, economic and political issues are far bigger than us. We're not the Government, we're not a multinational corporation. We're not even an organization (yet - we're working to become a new Community Interest Company - CIC - just to fit in and become 'official' but this isn't going to change our focus of local communities and new culture or the fact that we're a community of volunteers and activists working completely unpaid to support the poorest, weakest, destitute, sick, marginalized and excluded).

In case you're wondering in the decade between the last riots and now there's not much to write about. We moved several times. There's been quite a few restarts. Most of the time we were based in a unit on an industrial estate in Nine Elms and had a little community going. Then the property developers bought out the industrial estate and the whole business community and our community went their separate ways. Pardon the liche but it is what it is. We're just not interested in the more popular activities of making money, political squabbles and trying to sell people stuff through the internet. Our interests run much deeper.

However moving on...

What we need boils down to one of two things.

Support for our community appeals

Over the past few years we've developed a system of community support which is centred around reverse participation in our community tied to a system of community appeals which are met with pledges of support.

This is tied to our community focus of first contact unconditional community support. We're in the process of developing a much larger community of volunteers and activists centred around involvement in a community message board. We are also recruiting community activists who are going out there to 'find the others' - basically to find all the people out there in communities, in society, who desperately need community support but who, for whatever reason, aren't getting it.

A lot of people did reach out for support previously. But see everything changed politically over a decade ago when conditionality was introduced across society, and then austerity - do you remember the Deficit and the Long Term Economic Plan which nobody talks about? This was when the emphasis shifted from supporting people who needed the support and actually preventing people from falling into destitution and absolute poverty to a new system which favoured 'taxpayers' at the expense of everyone else.

Everyone of course gladly went along with this, especially the taxpayers in question. But choices always come with consequences. Only this time the choices were made by the people at the top who didn't care how those choices affected the lives of the people at the so called 'bottom', and nobody implementing those choices and policies were that bothered how it affected the lives of the people who were struggling either. Policies are policies, rules are rules, and they exist to be followed.

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So millions of people either lost their support completely or had it cut back - particularly among people with disabilities, chronic health issues and mental health issues who now often have to go through a system of mandatory reconsiderations, appeals and tribunals which is pretty much the same as the lengthy appeals process condemned inmates go through on Death Row in the United States to fight their execution. Personal Independence Payments (PIP) is so risky and so long and complicated many people - people who don't have that much energy and resources to live on to begin with - either give up or just don't bother applying again.

They do without.

Then you have the homeless, 42,000 in the UK when we first started developing this community, now around 350,000 people with over 4,000 rough sleepers in London alone. 28 adults committing suicide every day, or thereabouts and this is a drop in the ocean compared with 1.5 million people annually who die prematurely, their deaths being totally preventable - if we are to believe the British Medical Council.

This is our current focus and has been all year long. It's cold out there. Many people face the choice of spending what little they have left to live on either on food or fuel to keep warm, but either way they suffer. There's a lot of people out there who've lost friends and family simply because they've borrowed money and been unable to pay it back. There's women out there who don't have enough money to live on who have to sell their bodies to make up the difference for either the rent or a utility bill. There's a lot of people who are very close to either losing their home and becoming destitute or they're thinking about ending it and committing suicide constantly. All that needs to happen is one bad day and for them to say "Fuck it!" and end it.

We've been trying to support such people for years, but see, we keep getting stonewalled. "Why can't they get a job?" Most struggle to get themselves out of bed, washed or showered and dressed in the morning. Where do you envisage them working? Do you see what's going on here?

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So this is what we've worked out. We're currently recruiting as many volunteers and activists as we can centred around the community message board. The activists think up ways to find people, while everyone else is connected through the message board willing to help. Whoever comes into Qultura Fallback - our community support project on our message board - by starting a thread we all figure out what kind of support they need. If they need any kind of material, financial or professional support we signpost them further. But we also bring them into our volunteering community where they can develop a community support network. Once they've got that sorted out, we encourage them to create community appeals which we publish on our website.

Each community appeal gives you a narrative or story and a list of specific needs. If you can help meet those specific needs, which we pass on to whoever started the community appeal, we would be grateful. If you're interested in supporting such appeals as a company, a business, a local authority department - but not a Job Centre (you need to look a bit further down this webpage) for many people who need support who reverse their participation in our community, you can become a supporter of our community and we can talk business.

This comes to our next major need.

Paid employment opportunities.

Many of our community volunteers and activists are young people and students, many are a bit older and seeking work, and pretty much all of them are developing a Qultura method through our universal volunteering system - which is completely self-identifying, self-regulating, and self-perpetuating. We never offer fixed predetermined volunteering roles or positions simply because we don't have to. We're not an organization, we're a community running as a community. Nobody has to fit in anywhere or follow any rules. We run our community entirely on the universal principles of Natural law and mysticism. We encourage our volunteers and activists to explore, expeirment, elarn and discover, to switch roles, change roles, mix and match different roles between different community projects.

Our volunteering and activist roles are only important inasmuch as they connect people to both natural and social environment through our community, put what they learn about mysticism, magic and Natural Law into practice, developing consciousness, mindfulness, discipline and empathy along the way.

As a new CIC we're planning to move into employability, encouraging people not just to find a job and write a CV and do the stupid thing by just working for money. We encourage people to explore, experiment, really work to figure out what is going to be a meaningful, fulfilling occupation and to find ways of basing their income on doing that. What this all boils down to is understanding that if you have to work, and you have to work to get an income, then you might as well stick to doing something that you really enjoy doing where you can get stuck into a job role and work in alignment with the business needs of an employer.

This is also because as a CIC we're not going to have the resources to create positions of employment, because all our resources go into the communities we serve, and into creating opportunities for the people at the so called 'bottom' to get themselves out of the misery and suffering of sickening levels of poverty - and it is sickening because none of the poverty in this country is necessary. We are not a Third World country. We have lots of resources and money out there. We just need to put much more effort into sharing resources in a way which everyone benefits.

This is where we come to Job Centres and any work coaches reading this. If you have someone wandering into your Job centre without much idea of what they're doing or want to do, please don't do the control freak thing and traumatizing them further with fear motivation and threats of sanctions. Send them our way. Living on benefits such as Universal Credit is as hard as it is. There's no need to make it any harder.

Once again if you're looking to be a supporter and can help out one of our volunteers with some kind of paid employment, get in touch and let's talk business.

What you can do

If you go to the 'Get Involved' section in our top menu you click on it, select 'Become a supporter' and follow the simple process of sending us a pledge of support. You don't have to join our community and if you're running any kind of organization we'd prefer it if you didn't. We can work together without getting involved in each other's business.

Contrary to what you might be thinking from the content of this website we actually enjoy having governments, local authorities, corporations and businesses around to keep things organized and run things smoothly. This isn't about tearing down the system and forcing changes on anyone.

This is just about understanding that we all have a place in society, in the natural environment, and the universe and making that bit more effort to accept one another, appreciate one another and enjoy being around one another a bit more.

Or is that too much to expect?