Privacy statement all about trust and how we handle data

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Welcome to our Privacy Statement and information about trust and how we handle and manage your data and personal information.

As living existence is based entirely on relationship and connection between self and other we are very strict on issues of trust and data sharing,

Please be mindful of the fact that the way our community handles data may be significantly different from that what you may be accustomed to from an organization, business or government department.

As living existence is all about relationship and connection between self and other trust and confidence are extremely important.

Furthermore as consciousness is information or 'content' and we are a community who are all about changing consciousness and promoting conscious awareness information, and data is an extremely important issue. You will understand why if you read our Founding Principle.

Generally speaking when it comes to the Qultura community and Qultura Core CIC trust is implicit and privacy is to be respected wherever humanly possible.

Consciousness is who you really are, and we regard all practices of data mining and data gathering without someone's prior knowledge, agreement and consent to be a violation and abuse of trust. The choice not to share certain information is part of a fundamental human right relating to how you choose to engage with other and the community but this right comes with a responsibility not to withhold information for an ulterior motive or to provide false or misleading information.

Please also be mindful of the fact that the Qultura community and Qultura Core CIC are both subversive in nature. Subversion is all about the outward expression of individual truth. This is of course a legal requirement for living in society. However we undertake to respect and accept individual truth from members of the community without discrimination or moral judgment and if you choose not to share certain information because you are unsure of how to verbalize or express that truth we will respect your privacy in this instance.

Just don't be, whatever you do, be dishonest, fake, false or abuse the trust and confidence we place in you.

What is Social Credit?

Social Credit is a new points based system relating to the sharing and data management relating to digital technology which is being implemented together with the new 5G Internet of Things (IoT) 'broadband everywhere' network which is being rolled out from 2019. This is a global system which is being implemented worldwide.

How this works is that you are assigned points for how you choose to share data online and how you choose to interact socially with organizations, corporations, government departments, local authorities, and how you also interact socially on a social and local community level. Social Credit is managed by governments, multinational corporations, media outlets, political parties, social media platforms, utility companies and many other businesses.

This means you are assigned a Social credit score out of 100 points which measures your trustworthiness, compliance with organizations, and how you follow social requirements issued by authorities. Your score is variable which means that you can gain points and also lose points based on your social interactions.

You gain points for sharing your personal data, for compliance with authority and following social requirements and if you gain points you are given better access to public services and opportunities. For example if you are replacing a passport, you will receive your new passport quicker than people with lower scores. If you are accessing healthcare you will have less time to wait for treatment and be able to make appointments quicker.

However you can also lose points, for not sharing data, for non-compliance with authority and social requirements, for behaviour which is disruptive, harmful or counterproductive and this can result in having restrictions placed on your access to public services, ability to travel, make online purchases, and can even result in restrictions on your social media accounts, benefit sanctions, using telephone services, loss of employment, loss of housing, and being placed in the active denial system.

The active denial system

The active denial system is where you experience restrictions on your access to services and online accounts through a loss of points to your Social Credit score. We are not sure how this works but we are developing ways where you will be able to recover Social Credit points through participation in the Qultura community and through volunteering and community activism.

Qultura Core CIC and Social Credit

Qultura Core CIC is not officially part of this new Social Credit system and is developing as an outlier community where we are not a 'partner' to this new system but prepared to work with it. For this reason we have developed a Figure of 8 partnership. More details below.

Implementation of Social Credit in the UK

The UK's Social Credit system started developing in January 2019 when it was introduced without announcement by the Department of Communities. However it is important to understand that Universal Credit, which was introduced in 2012 through the Welfare Reform Act and which involves benefit sanctions, introduced in 2008, is part of the Social Credit system. We anticipate that there will be a further rolling out of this system as part of a recovery from COVID-19 and with the implementation of Brexit where the UK leaves the European Union and joins the Five Eyes Nations network - Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

While we are generally compliant with the new system there may be a need for further minor adjustments to how we handle data and privacy.

In order to become a member of the Qultura community we require you to do both the following:

  • sign up to the Qultura Core network
  • register for an account on our community Message Board

What happens to your data in the Qultura Core network

In order to join the Qultura Core network you need to submit your name and an email address. You can sign up directly through our website via the Contact Form but we generally recommend that you use the Formbutton at the bottom of any webpage (it can pop up when a page loads, which is a minor annoyance, but as this is a third party feature from Formspree we've yet to figure out how to prevent this).

This serves one of two purposes.

Your name and email address becomes part of a mailing list for essential information, updates and any information which we feel is relevant or specific to you personally. This is not some marketing trick. As participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge for everyone, and as we are a non-commercial community, we are not interested in trying to sell you anything. As we are the community resource behind the Qultura method we are also not interested in trying to tell you what to think or believe. We have more important things to do than to try and pester individual community members for their attention. We are neither a political party nor a social movement. The likelihood of you receiving spam email from Qultura Core CIC is pretty much non-existent,

The second purpose is so that you become part of the Qultura Core network so that, as and when you want to, you can participate in our universal volunteering system and become either a Qultura volunteer or activist without any need to make an application. As you are already part of the Qultura Core network and also as our system of volunteering is self-identifying, self-regulating and self-perpetuating you simply make arrangements with other community members to get involved in developing community projects or developing the community.

Your data on our community Message Board

Directly accessible from our website is a message board which is hosted by a third party, Proboards. When you sign up to our community message board you are in actual fact registering on our message board hosted on the Proboards website and it is Proboards which asks for your data - username, email address, password, gender, age and location. This data is shared between us and Proboards. We do not require any further data nor do we retrieve data or information from the Admin section of our message board on the Proboards site.

This data is never shared with any other third party for whatever reason.

Using our websites

Both our websites are fully GDPR compliant and you can make use of our website knowing that our website does not store information. Since early 2020 we have abandoned the use of online forms in favour of PDF forms. This is an additional security measure on our part to protect your data. You can access any of our forms using a link provided, download the form, complete it either online or offline, and send the form as an attachment to an email address which we give you on the form. We also do this for accessibility so as to make our community accessible to people who don't have constant online access.

If you are someone who wishes to support the Qultura community either as an individual or an organization you need to do this through a pledge of support which is part of our Figure of 8 partnership (see below) so there is no need for making online financial transactions via our website as all support is handled through PDF forms and emails.

Using Qultura email addresses

If you are assigned a Qultura email address through being a trustee, a volunteer or an activist - which is in the form of - we strongly recommend that you import emails from your account into a secure account such as Gmail, Outlook, Mail, etc using POP3 architecture. You can find information on how to do this from your email network provider or alternatively contact us and we will assist you.

Qultura Core CIC interacts with various organizations such as local authorities, government departments and other organizations and businesses through what is called a Figure of 8 partnership.

It's important to remember that while Qultura Core CIC is defined legally as a Community Interest Company (CIC) we are still in reality the core of the Qultura community and develop and maintain our community organically. This is radically different in terms of behaviour from an organization.

Therefore while we interact with other organizations such as local authorities, businesses and the Department of Work and Pensions through Job Centres, we never ever share data for any reason.

This is so as to protect the systems of organizations and avoid potential data breaches and security issues. It is also done to protect our autonomy as a community.

It is down to you to share information with both us and whatever organization you're dealing with separately.

For example if you are a Universal Credit claimant interacting with a Job Centre, and as part of your Claimant Commitment you are volunteering with Qultura Core CIC, it is down to you to inform the Job Centre of your activities with us. We never get involved with your relationship with the DWP. Likewise if you are volunteering with us but working for a business, or are in the process of becoming self-employed or starting your own business, you cannot promote your business or activities through the Qultura community.

Please respect our Figure of 8 partnerships and keep data between us and organizations completely separate.

We also maintain an online presence on various third party websites such as social media platforms - MeWe, Reddit, and Quora - and also make use of third parties to provide access to our website, resources and community, such as Formspree through our Formbutton and Proboards for our message board.

While we follow and maintain the same principles regarding trust and privacy both offline and online, we cannot be held responsible for third party data and privacy policies.

However where data policies and privacy falls below our Community Standards, for example on Facebook which we have recently defined as a political organization rather than a social media platform, we have nothing against withdrawing from that platform to protect the data and privacy of our community members and supporters.

We regard breaches of trust - including 'snitching' - as a serious violation of our Terms of Service and counter to the principles of trust and privacy as well as counter to the universal and mystical principles which form the basis of Qultura methodology. In such instances we reserve the right to exclude those who breach trust from our community and also we reserve the right to disassociate ourselves from such people and organizations.