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On this webpage you can become a supporter of the Qultura community and support individual members of the Qultura community who are in circumstances so bad they've reversed their participation in our community through our universal volunteering system. This is so they can develop a community support network from our volunteers and activists. You can find our current published community appeals under 'Blog+ > Community Appeals'.

We welcome support particularly from organizations and businesses who can help people with their practical, financial, and professional support needs.

How to support the Qultura community

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We're primarily seeking pledges of support to meet the specific needs of our Community Appeals which are published in the 'Blog+' section above.

Primarily these are Community Appeals created by individual members of our community who have come through our Qultura Fallback community support project and are struggling to overcome various issues which fall under the umbrellas of either social stigma or social exclusion. So we're referring to members of our local communities who are isolated, vulnerable, and in difficult circumstances they cannot resolve on their own.

Some of these people will have reached out for practical, financial and material support previously, but have been turned down, refused support because of conditionality, or had their support taken away from them as a result of austerity.

We've developed Qultura Fallback on the basis of first contact unconditional community support. Community appeals come from members of our community who through sheer necessity have escalated their needs for community support by coming into our universal volunteering system and reversing their participation in our community.

Please don't worry about their misery or suffering. We've dealt with that in our community through Qultura methodology and have earned the trust of those who've elected to reverse their participation in our community and reach out to develop their own community support network. This is an empathy-focussed community. We're asking you to help these people with their remaining support needs which are practical, financial, professional and clinical - the needs we cannot and do not provide.

Become a supporter of the Qultura community

How to pledge your support

We're seeking pledges of support primarily from organizations, businesses, local authority departments, government departments, charities and corporations who as organizations are far more competent and have the resources to meet the various practical, financial, material, professional and clinical support needs expressed by those who've reversed their participation and created a community appeal.

Supporting people out of social exclusion and through social stigma is a bit more complex than just throwing money at these issues. If you don't understand these issues trying to address these two complex social processes can get very resource hungry very fast and you can very easily traumatize someone even more than they are already. Do you want a suicide on your conscience? We don't.

This is why we insist on pledges of support.

Please leave the complex emotional and psychological after effects of the trauma brought about by poverty, deprivation and financial hardship perpetrated by conscious human choices towards others for us to deal with through Qultura methodology. Please instead focus on the more practical, financial and material support needs, pledging whatever support you're best able to provide through your organization.

Please also bear in mind

There's three things you need to know about the way we handle our pledges:

  • All pledges are strictly confidential.
  • Pledges of support do not involve any obligation. They just eliminate the need for us to pester people with emails like almost any organization does. You know? The daily spam.. Did you know this? Have you heard of that? Please sign our latest petition? Can you 'chip in'?
  • Pledges of support are extremely helpful to us because they give us an idea of potential support up front.
Pledge your support