The Loving Space

This is a free e-book which is a guide to conscious loving.


This is a free ebook which is presented as an alternative to popular books on love such as the one about love languages.

Love is not a language, but a conscious experience. Love and life are pretty much the exact same experience because all existence is based on relationship. If you are with the right person and share consciousness through a connection and loving bond with them, then it shouldn't matter what language you use between the two of you, because you will know exactly how to communicate and interact with one another.

This is very much a book about love from a mystical perspective.

There's 14 chapters in this book, which are numbered from zero to 13. Each chapter is based on a mystical principle drawn from numerology. Ideally a loving relationship should reflect all 12 of the mystical principles written about in the book.

This is important, simply because love and death is the most profound, most dramatic polarity or duality you could ever experience in life.

Each chapter is peppered with references to the Tarot, astrology and song quotes so that you can easily grasp or get a sense of each mystical principle.

This ebook doesn't offer you much more than a dozen or so mystical principles here and certainly isn't offering you any advice on how to love someone else. Nobody can teach you how to love another person. You have to figure that out for yourself through either seeking out and finding someone who really loves you for you or through a process of trial and error.

In order to love someone and be loved back by someone else, it's not enough to share the same consciousness and be on the same page. There also has to be space. Love is not about having control over someone or possessing them, it's all about accepting someone for who they really are and appreciating them for being who they really are.

If you love someone and you want them to love you back, then you need to give them the space and the complete freedom to be able to love you their way, in their own style, and in that specific way which makes them happy to be with you and to love you.

You not only have to be in that space where they are, but you also have to create more space for them to be able to keep on loving you, and you need to be representative of that space in their lives where they are free to be themselves and also free to love you however which way they feel.

Hence the title of the book - the Loving Space.