Founding principle

Culture of the people, for the people, by the people.

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The fundamental basis of Qultura is Creative Law, which was developed by co-founder Stella Baker in November 2009. Creative Law is about the fundamental nature of all living existence as the coexistence of consciousness and space in the universe, being actual existence and actual reality and the basis of mysticism and is presented as a simple meme. You can find out more about Creative Law in Resources > The Principles. Out of Creative Law you have Qultura, which is a method of enquiry which you can develop through participation in the Qultura community. Qultura Core CIC is developed out of the core of this community and is based in Nine Elms, London.

While actual reality is the interaction of consciousness and energy in space, we human beings don't perceive actual reality in terms of consciousness, energy and space but in terms of language. The fundamental basis for the study of actual reality through language is mysticism and out of mysticism we have science, religion, philosophies and various other belief systems.

An important part of language is culture and cultural awareness. Language is not just a matter of grammar, words and vocabulary, but is also a matter of culture and cultural awareness. It is our understanding of culture which determines how we identify ourselves and each other, how we think, how we communicate and how we behave.

Therefore culture, cultural awareness and development of new culture is fundamental to human evolution because this is how human beings naturally evolve - through culture and cultural awareness. Cultural awareness, or lack of it, plays a pivotal role in social relationships and all interaction between human beings. Generally speaking, cultural decline promotes social divisions and social conflict, and is mitigated and resolved through cultural development and development of new culture.

Qultura Core CIC is set up to promote and develop the Qultura community and through this promote completely free access to everyone in local communities to opportunities to develop their individual creativity, development of new culture, development of an interest in mysticism and through this development of consciousness.

What completely free access really means

Completely free access to these opportunities means free from cost and charges, free from any necessity to follow an ideology or organized belief system, and this also means cultural development which is free from any kind of control by any organization, institution, public body - which also includes Qultura Core CIC.

Culture is something which belongs collectively to people in a community who share the same language and it is the people who collectively decide what is culture and what isn't.

This is our founding principle and what we as a community are fully committed to promoting and developing.