The Flow of Life

The Flow of Life is the e-book and reference guide to the universal volunteering system of the Qultura Core community.


The 'Flow of life' is essentially an updated induction and reference manual to the universal volunteering system developed as the basis of the Qultura Core network. It's also directly relative to developing consciousness in the most direct, natural way which is humanly possible, and that is either through development of creativity through artistic or creative self-expression of truth, or through community volunteering to support others in the wider community.

The universal principle is the exact same - drama negates trauma.

It's still creativity and interaction, it's still a creative process and about as direct as you can get when it comes to the Principle and Process, which is what Qultura methodology is really all about - living consciously as much is humanly possible on the basis of your fundamental, individual truth.

Truth is always directly relative to your individual felt sense of immediate experience of life. You can develop consciousness in an infinite number of ways, simply because consciousness is in itself infinite and goes on and on and on and on and on indefinitely through the universe.

Creativity or compassion?

Therefore you can develop your consciousness in an infinite number of ways, and they're all just as valid as one another. However the starting point will always come down to just one of two things - non-conformity and compassion. You can only develop consciousness through focussing on the creativity or the interaction.

If you choose to focus on the creativity, then you will need to understand that creativity is when you transcend the normal or the mundane and see something or feel something new, which you feel that nobody else has ever seen or felt before. That's what creativity really boils down to which is why genuine creativity requires a commitment to non-conformity.

Or you can choose compassion and develop your consciousness through a connection to someone else and social interaction with them. You just need to devote enough time to listening to them and asking questions so you help them to develop a narrative based on their personal experiences of life. Get to know their story. get to know their truth. Learn to see the world through their eyes. Develop some empathy, and all empathy is just as much about compassion as it is about interaction.

The Flow of Life is going to be about these two things - creativity and empathy or compassion - and how you can develop large amounts of consciousness quickly and effectively through volunteering in the universal volunteering system in the Qultura community.