Things which we feel need to be spelled out.

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This is not going to be a typical disclaimer full of legal jargon and small print blah blah blah. We're just going to make a few statements here based on reality, truth and the facts. We are able to do this given the fact that we are not running a typical business, this is not an organization, but a community and our so called 'product' is mystical awareness. We will leave the false claims, empty promises and other bullshit to others.

You cannot 'attain' any kind of enlightenment through either developing a Qultura method or through involvement in the Qultura community. This is because there is no such thing as enlightenment.

All living existence is about the relationship between existence and reality, or consciousness and space. Space is not empty or nothing but is filled with consciousness. Space is therefore reality and the context for existence. Both consciousness and space are infinite, and cannot be defined, taught, fully explained or fully understood. This means that existence and reality are also both infinite and cannot be defined, taught, fully explained or understood.

On a macro level reality and existence and the relationship between the two is the universe, i.e. the totality. On a micro level this relationship is the behaviour of the brain and the interaction between the mind and individual conscious perspective, i.e. the individual.

Fundamental to the human experience of life is human evolution. You were born as one of the most highly evolved members of the human species. Ever since you were an embryo and foetus you have been experiencing reality and existence through relationship, and as part of this relationship you have been developing consciousness throughout.

This means that you are as enlightened as you possibly can be in the present moment in time.

This is not to say that you cannot become more enlightened through changing and developing on your present level of conscious awareness. This can be achieved through an interest in and the study of mysticism. Mystical awareness and understanding is not esoteric, there are no higher powers or so called higher planes of existence. All the mysticism and mystical knowledge presented on our website is made accessible to you because it is mystical awareness which you can achieve for yourself.

All you need to achieve that mystical awareness is an open mind and a willingness to explore, experiment, learn, and go through the experiences. This can be achieved simply by changing your reality.

Qultura is a method of enquiry which is based on mysticism through which it is possible to change one's state of consciousness. Therapy is also fundamentally based on mysticism which is used to change one's state of consciousness. Are they both the same?

No they're not.

Through mysticism one can learn mindfulness and discipline through developing creativity and empathy through community. This requires an open mind and a willingness to change one's reality and go through new experiences. Essentially you are learning from your own direct experiences and the felt sense of immediate experience.

However through therapy, and it doesn't matter whether it's through psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy you are receiving insight from clinically trained professionals who have a deeper understanding of human anatomy and neurology or brain chemistry. Therapy is a separate stage altogether which only gives you directions and advice on how to change your reality to achieve a different state of consciousness.

It's extremely important not to confuse the two and to understand the fundamental differences between Qultura, discipline (mindfulness) and therapy.

Community projects such as drama workshops developed in the Qultura community are designed to promote the development of creativity, mindfulness, and empathy. They promote discipline. They are never ever promoted as therapy.

Anyone who is promoting such things as drama therapy, art therapy, music therapy is lying and bullshitting you simply because discipline and therapy are two completely separate and different things. Drama, art and music are all creative disciplines. They are not therapy or therapeutic in any way.

Healing and recovery from such issues as mental health issues, addiction and substance misuse issues and recovery from trauma such as abuse is possible through mysticism only through shamanism and lightworking. This is not therapy.

While we present Qultura as an alternative method to changing one's level of consciousness it is never implied that developing a Qultura method is a substitute or a replacement for therapy. This is not an either or choice. The smart thing to do if you are recovering from mental health issues, addiction or abusive trauma is to seek therapy and also develop a Qultura method.

We hope this makes things very clear.

As part of our work in creating opportunities for developing consciousness through the developing of new culture and developing community we also undertake, as far as our resources allow to provide community support to members of a local community who are experiencing traumatic life situations and circumstances or who are experiencing social issues.

This is a very important part of our founding principle and also an extremely important part of our work and endeavours to promote development of new culture at a local community level. Throughout our history we have always worked tirelessly against social stigma, discrimination, marginalization, and social exclusion. We are also very committed to erasing wherever possible divisions between social classes and the deprivation of opportunities experienced by people who are poorer, deprived of such opportunities or who may be excluded because of the colour of their skin, their social background, their gender identity or their sexual orientation.

While we are often a 'second wave' of community support where we end up supporting people in their recovery from trauma, our community support is designed to be first contact community support which is easily accessible to everyone in a local community.

The Qultura community, including Qultura Core CIC is a collective of volunteers who are very committed to development of culture at a local community level. Unless this is otherwise stated or indicated explicitly the level of community support we provide is to be assumed to be non-professional, unqualified, without any guarantee of any professional standards, anticipated results or indeed, the provision of any professional services.

All the support we provide 'does what it says on the tin', i.e. it is community support.