Core reference - a collection of mystical resources.

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Welcome to our Core Reference, which is a central mystical reference point which gives you some very powerful tools to develop your conscious perspective (Principle) and make it much easier for you to develop your own Qultura method.

If we haven't pointed it out elsewhere mysticism is not a religion, is not a philosophy, it's not the occult or anything esoteric, it's not a science, a belief system or any human concept. Mysticism is actual reality and the basis of all the aforementioned things which it isn't.

One of the things we're trying to achieve is to point out that an interest in mysticism does not give you special powers, it does not make you psychic, nor does it imply that you're functioning on a higher plane of consciousness than everyone else. The information is accessible to everyone and is all out there if you choose to pay attention and take enough of an interest in it.

By way of an overview...

Universal principles
These are the four universal principles which form the basis of Qultura methodology
Dependent arising
This is about duality and non-duality, the I-Ching, and polar thinking. This is all about seeing the connections and relationships between everything in existence.
This is about karma, what it is and how to resolve it.
Combined numerology
Using words and language when talking about deep or mystical subjects can be restrictive and cumbersome. This section is about numerology and gives you the mystical symbolism and significance behind all the major numbers used in numerology.
Unmind and unthinking
Unmind and unthinking is all about chronological back shifting and using conscious perspective to resolve karma and recover from trauma and traumatic mindsets.