Activist opportunities

On this webpage you find a rundown of our activist opportunities in our unique universal volunteering system. On the left (top if you're on a smartphone) you find details of our community projects and right (below if on a smartphone) a breakdown of the activist roles on offer.

About our universal volunteering system

community engagement roles


If you've come to this webpage it's assumed that you are:

  • an existing member of the Qultura community and are registered on our community message board
  • are familiar with our universal volunteering system and how it's designed to work

If you're not familiar with our universal volunteering system you need to become familiar with it - it's second item down in the 'About' section.

If you're not a member of the Qultura community and registered on our community message board please ensure that you are by the time you submit a Role Proposal.

Our existing community projects

This is our native community support project based on the community standard of first contact unconditional community support. This is a multi-dimensional community support project with different levels and, as a result of COVID and the socioeconomic and political situation in the UK our central and most important community project. It starts with an entire section on our community message board but those needing support can escalate their needs for community support up a level to reverse their participation in our universal volunteering system and develop a proper community support network from volunteers and activists. This also allows them to create community appeals to get material, financial and professional support from outside our community.

We're also in the process of developing our first Community Drop In at the ROSE Community Centre in Nine Elms, London scheduled for Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm. The ROSE is a few minutes walk away from Battersea Power Station tube.

Qultura Community Libraries is all about sharing books and developing trust-focussed community libraries in community spaces where people can borrow books without any membership, cards, fines or stamping books. Our first community library, the ROSE Community Library at the ROSE Community Centre in Nine Elms is currently our biggest and most popular community project with several hundred books across different genres for all ages. Dozens of people come to borrow books whenever the community space is open and since the library was first developed in 2019 we've only lost 2 books.

As this is a very successful project and we have no more space for books were seeking to create more community libraries in other areas.

You probably understand a library is a place where you can borrow books, right? So what about a different sort of library where you can 'borrow' another human being? No, we're not suggesting slavery, or even a bit bit of nookie, but how about a community project which manifests as a community event where different people can come together as strangers and get to know one another? This is what the Human Library Project is all about - it's all about developing empathy and opening your mind when it comes to other people. We meet for a couple of hours where people get to know two complete strangers from their community either at a live event or online through Zoom. Each participant is paired with another participant for 45 minutes where they get to know one another, and we repeat the same process again. We need people to set up Human Library Project events and facilitate them.

Qultura Connect is all about connecting people through sharing things and stuff. Do you have stuff you need to get rid of but which someone might appreciate? Qultura Connect? Do you need something but haven't got the money to buy it? Qultura Connect? Do you need something for a short period of time but instead of buying something new you'd like to borrow it from someone instead? Do you have something lying around that you could lend to someone? Have you got something that's knackered but you don't know how to fix it? Are you good at repairing stuff? Lift sharing, food sharing, planting vegetables in public spaces which other people can later harvest, this is all what Qultura Connect is all about.

The Qultura Community Blog is a web publishing community project being developed to churn out lots and lots of subversive creative content from as many different people as possible across as many different creative and art forms as possible - art, music, words, poetry, songs, photography, short stories, illustrations, cartoons, essays, e-books, novels, novellas, and so on and so forth. No ideology, no politics, no belief systems, just perspectives and narratives, narratives and perspectives, from many different people from all walks of life.

This is the oldest and first ever real Qultura community project developed. In fact the Qultura community developed out of Qultura Fringe at the end of 2009. This is the developing performing arts project for dramatists, actors, directors, performers, comedians, poets and anyone else who's medium is through drama and performance, so also independent film makers, documentary film makers, and Living History documentaries. When we first started making films in 2010 people laughed at us for using mobile phone cameras, now many independent film makers use smartphones. You can too and this, like the Community Blog, is for subversive content - original, edgy, real Fringe stuff, non-commercial, just truth and narratives created out of empty space and actors for performance.

How would you feel if you had to watch your father, son, mother or sister being put to death by lethal injection?

This is an empathy-focussed international and cross-cultural project where we hold a short candle-lit vigil in the public park under the shadow of the US Embassy in Nine Elms at 5pm on days when someone is scheduled to be executed in the US. We keep it short and simple because, taking advantage of the time difference of several hours, we hold a quick vigil, recording the event on cameras and then return home to upload images from the London Vigil and get it to the relatives of the condemned inmate a few hours before they have to go in and watched their loved one being put to death. We're developing this project with anti-death penalty activists in states such as Texas which is responsible for close to half of all executions in the US. This has been requested by some relatives of actual inmates on Death Row who have said that it will make execution day a little bit easier for them knowing someone so far away came together and cared.

Community activists London

We're seeking a large number of community activists both online and virtual roles and also in London for various projects such as Qultura Fallback, the Human Library Project and the London Vigil. Our priority for the winter is to connect to the homeless on the streets and find ways of connecting them to our community. Our suggestion is to meet up and go out in small groups of say 4 people handing out flyers with a brief conversation. For the London Vigil there's just two dates for scheduled executions Nov 17 and Dec 9, so we're probably looking for activists when executions resume in January 2022. However if you're not a fan of cold weather we have other ideas which you can do online and stay warm and toasty.

Community facilitators London

We're seeking Community Facilitators for Human Library Project events in London and online through Zoom. We are also seeking Community Facilitators to host meetings and discussions about Qultura methodology on Zoom and discussions on subjects such as mysticism, development of consciousness, mindfulness, empathy and discipline. Some of these events will employ dialectic methods and making people think. You will need a good knowledge of Qultura methodology to facilitate such events.

Community activists (social media)

We're seeking Community Activists to infiltrate social media and post subversive content online, either created by yourself or from others. We need community activists with good knowledge of various social media platforms to post content to develop a social media presence without getting involved in discussions or arguments. You're leaving content there for others to find a way into our community and that's it. You will be working with content creators and helping them get their content shared across different social media platforms.

Community activists (resources) London

We're seeking Community Activists to work with resource volunteers and help gather resources to develop our community, finances, community space and new volunteers and activists. This can be either virtual and online only, in London, or real time elsewhere. We can discuss it and figure things out on the community message board.

Actors and presenters London

We're currently seeking actors and video presenters/interviewers to expand on our subversive multimedia content - podcasts, short videos and Living History documentaries with different people enabling them to tell their stories. We are members of the Protecting Shield so you get showreel materials of anything we put out and official credits for casting websites such as Mandy and Spotlight.

Role Proposal

The Role Proposal Form

Please be aware that this is not your bog standard Volunteering Application Form. There's 13 questions of which 12 are required. Please bear in mind that you can only learn Qultura methodology once in your life, and therefore you can only go through this initial process of becoming involved in the universal volunteering system for the first time once in your lifetime too. Please treat this as a learning curve for starting or creating a new volunteering role.

Before you complete the form

  • You need to be an existing member of the Qultura community to propose a role. If you haven't registered on the community message board you can do so now (clicking on the link will open a new window).
  • There will also be a link to the community message board if you follow the link to the Role Proposal Form. Like the link above if you click the link to the Message Board it will open in a new tab or window. This is where you can kill two birds with one stone and as you complete the Role Proposal Form you can also create your new thread in 'Introductions' in the Qultura Core network at the foot of the Message Board.
  • You might want to go off and make a cup of tea or coffee as well before you get into the Role Proposal Form.

Okay, are you ready?

The Role Proposal Form
How to reach our community space in London.

How to get to the R.O.S.E

Nearest tube: Battersea Power Station (exit station, cross the road, walk down Thessally Road turn right into Ascalon Street and the ROSE is on the left)

Buses: P5 stops right outside (Ascalon Street), 156, 344 and 436 to Battersea Power Station tube, find Thessally Road and follow above directions)