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Qultura is a new method of enquiry derived from Therevada (Tibetan) Buddhism with elements adopted from Taoism. Like Buddhism Qultura is based on acceptance of reincarnation and karma as part of fundamental reality, and similar to both Buddhism and the Taoism Qultura is based on yin yang, polar thinking, dependent arising and the I-Ching. Therefore like Buddhism and the Taoism Qultura can be used to learn about mysticism, develop conscious awareness, develop mindfulness, mental and emotional discipline, and get to the true nature and fundamental truth of who you really are and what your life is really all about.

However Qultura is also radically different from both Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching. By way of a comparison...

Aspect Buddhism Taoism Qultura
Created c.530 BC c. 400 BC 2009
Basis Brahmanism Natural Law mysticism
Text/Scripture Pali Canon the Tao Te Ching Principle & Process
Core method Abidhamma the Dao unmind
Objective nirvana balance individual truth
Promotes meditation? yes yes no
Teaches magic? no no yes
A method you follow? yes yes no

Qultura methodology is based almost entirely on mysticism, numerology and magic, so unlike Buddhism and Taoism it's not really a complete method or philosophy you can follow. It's actually much simpler than both Buddhism and Taoism because Qultura methodology is presented to you in 'kit' form, through this website, the Qultura Core website and the main book, the 'Principle and the Process' which you can download for free via the link on the right. How it works is as follows:

Qultura methodology is all about relationship
Qultura methodology is about relationship, i.e. the relationship between you and your environment and you and others. The foundation premise of Qultura methodology is as follows - All trauma and suffering is born from division and perception of division. All existence implies being relative to everything else in existence, as part of the universe. You cannot exist without being relative to everyone and everything else. Life is all about perception, communication and interaction - which means nothing in your life happens without change in either a connection or a relationship.
The false illusion of separateness
Qultura methodology is created and designed to address the false illusion of separateness between you and your environment and also you and other people which manifest as the distorted conscious perceptions of Ego as a real sense of selfhood and the misunderstandings, illusions and delusions in your conscious perception and thinking processes which cause the mental confusion between actual reality and symbolic (cultural) reality.
Ignorance slows down your life, your perception of time, your thinking, and diminishes your life force, your energies and your consciousness. All these things make your life much harder and also deprives you of contact with reality. Ignorance also generally brings you into conflict with your environment and other people. You negate ignorance by cultivating an open mind, developing your level of consciousness and being connected to both your environment and community.
You learn Qultura methodology from source
Qultura methodology is made up from four very simple universal principles and the two aspects of Natural Law - dependent arising (based on the I-Ching and yin yang) and karma (actually reincarnation and karma). Then you have unmind, which is the 'how' of how you develop your own Qultura method. You learn the basic methodology from source, i.e. this website (Resources) the Qultura Core website (also Resources) and through the ebook 'The Principle and the Process' which you can access free of charge from this website. You cannot learn about Qultura methodology officially from any other source.
You develop a Qultura method through participation in community
Once you have accessed Qultura methodology from source, either via this website or from 'The Principle and the Process' ebook (EPUB or PDF) and become familiar with the universal principles and Natural Law, as well as unmind, then you are in a position to understand who you really are and what your relationship is to your natural and social environment. You will understand that separateness is a false illusion, that your Ego is also just an image of who you are, nothing than a role, and that you are actually a Principle (conscious perspective) with a Process (the process of your life).
You are in a position to be able to consciously create your own unique Qultura method on the basis of your own individual life experience and 'mystical transaction', i.e. your unique and individual relationship with your environment - natural environment and social (cultural) environment.
You develop your Qultura methods - you can create more than one Qultura method, in fact you can create hundreds of different Qultura methods if you wish - through the Qultura community. Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge for everyone. It is centred around participation on a Community Message Board. Unlike the wider community and society, it is not populated by people who believe in separateness, who falsely believe that their Ego is real and who mainly compete and squabble over petty ideological divisions in their constant struggle for self-esteem and social, economic and political power.

How everything fits together

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Qultura methodology

You get a solid foundation in Qultura methodology by reading the book 'The Principle and the Process'. Download for free by clicking on the links below.